28 January 2013

My Week in my Filofax - Weeks 2, 3 & 4

As you all know I am very behind with my blog!

Therefore I am catching up with all the weeks I have missed of my Week in my Filofax posts which Paperlovestory started on her blog a few weeks back.....

Therefore here is the weeks starting from the beginning to the end..

Week 2 



Week 3



Week 4 - The long one






Finally, I am in a new binder and I have a new pen

I bought a Kate Spade agenda from Kristen on Twitter, its a lovely emerald green, but the postal service were a bit rough and it arrived with slightly misalined rings!


Luckily SUPER DAD was on hand and sort of fixed it for me now they pretty much line up!

The wrapping of the Kate Spade



Here is the beautiful binder:





Here it is with all my crap in it!


I finally caved and bought a Coleto and I will never turn back I don't think! Cult Pens now sell them!


I hope you enjoyed that post will re start again soon!

21 January 2013

South Western Philofaxy Meet Up!


I am doing a post today to announce something exciting!!!!

Kate Bernasconi and I have been discussing a meet up in Exeter, Devon for AGES!!! and the AMAZING NEWS IS...

Kate has planned it now!

If you wish to come along please email us

The Meet up will be on Saturday 9 February 2013 at 12:00pm at The Boston Tea Party, on Queen Street in Exeter

For more information on The Boston Tea Party click here

To view the menu CLICK HERE

After we have had lunch and Filofax discussions and show and tell we shall move on to Paperchase and go to some other stationery shops we find.

If you want any information or would like to come, PLEASE email either

  • Me (Imogen) - filofaximy@live.com
  • Kate - bernasconiray at hotmail dot com 

For Kate's email just take out the spaces and change the at to @ and dot to a .

I hope lots of you will come!!!

I am very excited for this!!!

15 January 2013

My 2013 Filofax Set up - Video

Here is a test of my new iPad camera for you to see the new quality you shall be getting!!!

11 January 2013

Filofax Collection of the Week - Filofax King - Steve

Today we are very honored to have the one and only, Filofax King, Steve, he is kicking off the Filofax Collection of the week again! Filofax King (or Steve) as you should all know writes for Philofaxy!!!!




In my collection I have the following Filofax organisers...

1 off A4 Classic in black
3 off A5 Maldens 2 Grey 1 Ochre
1 off A5 Finsbury
1 off A5 Zip Holborn Brown
1 off Personal Cuban Zip
2 off Personal Maldens Ochre, Crimson
1 off Personal Compact Zip Malden Ochre
1 off Personal Compact Holborn Black (not shown in the photo)
1 off Winchester Black... my original one from 1986
1 off Personal Finsbury Black
1 off Slimline Finsbury Black
1 off Pocket Malden Black
1 off Pocket Chameleon Black
1 off Pocket Finsbury Ink Blue
1 off Mini Finchley Red
1 off Mini Malden Grey
1 off M2 Cross Blue

And I have got an A5 Pennybridge being sent to me in the New Year by Filofax as a prize for winning one of their Win Wednesdays!!!!

Which Filofax do you regret selling if you have ever sold a Filofax?

I've never sold any of my collection, although I think a couple of them might be given away or sold in the new year.

What is your Favorite Filofax? 

I don't have an overall favourite although I do like the Maldens, especially the ochre ones.


He has a huge collection as you can tell!!!!!

I love the fact he has a whole Malden Family!!!!!

If you would also like to be featured on Filofax Collection of the Week email me at filofaximy@live.com

07 January 2013

My Filofax Week #1

Last week Paperlovestory posted about how she wanted to get people involved with the Filofax Week, here is this week of hers... CLICK HERE and here is the post about joining in on her My Filofax Week posts

I decided I wanted to join this challenge and post each of my weeks, at the moment my weeks will look a bit boring as work is just really busy bu they will get more exciting each week, I HOPE!!

Here is my first week, I also need to say I am no longer going to track my finance in my Filofax as I am unable to write some things down and I miss things so I get annoyed!

Week 1

Week 1

Week 1

Week 1

Just to clear things up...

Brown Willy is a race around the moors around a place called Brown Willy, my boyfriend was going to enter but he couldn't in the end.

Sea Monkey's are due to the fact I got them for Christmas and I want to look after them, if it goes well I may get a Goldfish

The end of this week I just wrote random stuff in to fill it up to be honest, I had nothing exciting to write or that I did due to my knee injury, which you will all know about if you are on twitter!!!

04 January 2013

January 2013 - What to expect....

January is a tough time in an Accountants Office, it gets very busy, therefore I am hoping that on my lunch breaks I can start to schedule in posts, you should of noticed I have had a blog post virtually every day over the past week!

As of next week I will be showing you the following normality..

I will be joining in on Paperlovestory's My Filofax Week...

I will try and post my week worth of inserts every week, not sure which day they may be delayed but it will be done between Sunday and Tuesday.

Filofax Collection of the Week will be back as of Friday 11 January 2013, with a Special ROYAL Guest!

And I have a few lessons for Filofax College, but These will be random posts there will not be a set Filofax College day any more, sorry about this!

If you have any requests let me know and I will post them!

I will get back in to Youtube too soon! YAY!

03 January 2013


Some of you may not know, I have had a DRASTIC hair cut rencetly, my hair was do dead and awful, dry, needed cutting off!

Here is my BEFORE:

Hair cut

Very long!!!!

Hair cut

You can see my lovely Hair Dresser Channel (she was my old hairdresser but I haven't seen her in over a year)

Hair cut

Hair cut

This is me yesterday, hair is a bit messy! hehe

Hair cut

What do you think?

Have you ever had such a drastic cut? or a hair cut gone wrong?