31 October 2012

Midori Traveler's Notebook Inserts

Eeeeeek got a bit excited and ordered lots of Traveler's Notebook accessories

Then another website sent me a 20% discount for one day only which sold Midori Notebooks!

I am going to tell you the different inserts in the picture above then over the next few weeks I am going to do a post on each in detail with paper test etc...  It shall be fun!

The inserts I have above are:

021 - Connection bands - for adding extra notebooks to your Midori
020 - Kraft File - just has pockets in made of brown card, I like it
014 - Kraft Paper - 64 sheets
013 - Cheaper paper with 128 sheets
008 - Plastic wallet with zip pocket
2012 & 2012 Diary - will cover both in same post
002 - Quadrulled paper - 64 sheets
003 - Plain Notepad - 64 sheets - comes standard with the notebook!

If there is anything you want to hear about sooner rather than later let me know! (this is not the order in which I will review them)

What did the post man bring on this horrible morning?

Oh it looks as though he has bought Stationery Land with him!


Three parcels, your eyes do not deceive you!!!

Will open the smallest parcel first which comes from the lovely Cult Pens with some cute things which I ordered...


And what is inside??? who knows???


Some OHTO Smile Clips, Frixion clicker Pen (more detail on this later), refils for said Frixion, Copic Glitter pen and a free Page Surfer?

(each order will have a detailed blog post!)


Oooo what is this I see, a parcel from Glassworks? What could this fine delight be?


such pretty wrapping!


Name on the paper says it all!

Then another website sent me a 20% discount for one day only which sold Midori Notebooks!

4 Midori Notebooks, #003 and #002 which are plain and grid paper! I managed to get these for £2.75 each with a discount code!


ANOTHER ONE!!! How can this even be possible??

This looks like it could be The Journal Shop....could it be so?


Wrapping no way near as exciting...

Eeeeeek got a bit excited and ordered lots of Traveler's Notebook accessories

A HUGE collection of Midori Notebooks and accessories, it would appear the Midori fairy has been!

I shall leave you there as I go to squirrel away another blog post with some unpacking of all these delights!

29 October 2012

My Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter Arrived!!!!

As you all know I have been talking about the Roterfaden for quite a while now saying, I have one coming etc.... I am going to be using an A5 Roterfaden etc... well it arrived this morning!!!!

I was so excited so I took photos of the unwrapping of it! I will let you see all the special details about my beautiful new baby!

(By the way, I cannot read German, so if anyone knows what something says let me know!)



Such pretty stamps



Here is it all exactly as it came out the packet, I will go in to all the notebook etc in a lot more detail once i have it set up etc, and will review the notebook the cover and all soon, will also be doing Youtube videos about it!


I am going to use my powers of guess work and say this says:

Notebook // lined

(measurements of A5)

Do you agree??


Inside it has these two funny stickers  I had no idea as to what they were for, then I worked out they were for putting on the spine of the notebook to write the dates the notes are to and from!


(assuming this is a delivery note??)


Then we get to the pink package!!! (PINK!!!)


Google Translated that picture it says::

"here is your companion"

Awww how cute is that!!!


The other side I am assuming says care instructions maybe? and that it is 100% made in Germany! YAY!!!! (That makes me happy, I like German made things, Germans always make things to not break I believe)

FIANLLY your all saying... here is my Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter (and no I can still not say that, if anyone could sound it out for me below, that would be amazing)


Brown leather with Dark Pink Felt!


and what is that? oh its my NAME!!!! I pondered having Imysworld but I thought I may want to not use Imysworld all my life and thought my name seemed a bit more sensible!


Left hand side has a bottom full pocket, and two card pockets!

Right hand side has one full length pocket (thought I could use this for an extra notebook)



Instructions on how to use it!

I am seriously too excited right now! I put the notepad in and showed you how I "drop the clips" as it says in the instructions!


It is sewn with red stitching through the book. I like that little detail!



Now if NONE of that got your stationery side of your brain excited and needing this, this last picture looks so sexy you may want to buy one instantly!


Makes you drool doesn't it!

This has really put a cat amongst the pigeons! Now to use Midori (which I love to pieces) or Roterfaden (my new love)

If you are interested in creating your own go on their website NOW! and buy buy buy

Use the Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter KONFIGURATOR

I will be doing more posts on this over the next few weeks!

Thank you so much Roterfaden for sending this to me and giving me the chance to try it! I feel so privaliged and so happy!! THANK YOU!!!  

Filofax College - Week 5 - Getting out that Planner Fail

Today I am going to teach you a lesson about how to escape that planner fail!

This is something that has been happening to me recently, and with a little bit of reading I came to a way to escape this nightmare, so here is a lesson on how to do that.

First of all, as it is the end of term due to school holidays we get to watch a video! YAY (Term starts again on Monday 5 November!

Here is the video...

As you can see what you need to do is to make a little file, it can be a section in your Filofax or an envelope cut up like I did.


Then break it all down and write everything, first of all make a mind map of all the different ideas you want to try, and ideas you have tried.


You will need to make a short list, and answer a few questions.

1. What do I need my planner for?

2. What sections do I need?

3. Do I want it bound or a ring binder?

Once you have decided on your ideas, start to break down the ideas on to piece of paper and make lots of notes, like this:




I find graphs and charts really help me know what I want from something.

Your Homework this week is to (if you are having planner fail) to write out what you want from your organise, how you will get that and what steps you will take to succeed with it. Even if it is just to plan for a different layout in your Filofax, then post some of the pictures of your planning stages in the Filofax College Flickr Group.

I have noticed that people have not been getting involved with the Homework, and also that people seem to read my blog less since I have stopped using Filofaxes so much. Have I done something wrong?? Or do people only want to know when it is something Filofax related and as I am not in Filofaxes I am no longer part of the group?

28 October 2012

Would you like a Christmas Card?

This is my final call for Christmas Cards, for the past week I have been asking on Twitter I am asking 4 times in Total, I thought the last time should be on my blog!

If you are interested in having a Christmas card from Imysworld, I will try and cater to your needs and post you a Christmas card all you have to do is email me your address to Filofaximy@live.com I will post one to virtually anywhere!

If you would like a Christmas card please email me by 5 November!

27 October 2012

Midori Traveler's Notebook - Insert No. 003 Plain Paper Test

Today I fancied doing a little test of the Midori Traveler's Notebook - Insert No. 003 Plain Paper, as I have just got my notebook as you all know and I love it so much!


The reason I didn't mind doing the test is due to the fact this first notebook has no real purpose, it is just a notebook which I have turned in to a Christmas planner (more about that later) so in the back I did a paper test and here are the results....


There appears to be no feathering or no real issues, the paper seems to be better quality then the standard Filofax Paper which is a YAY!

Here is the back..


The only pen which bled through is the Sharpie Permemant Marker and to be honest, I would be worried if it had not gone through. The other pens show through but are good otherwise! YAY!

Ordering LOTS of Midori goodies on Monday from The Journal Shop!

26 October 2012

Filofax Collection of the Week - Kate - TPS

For the second week of the Filofax Collection we have Kate. I hope you enjoy seeing her collection!!

My name is Kate (a.k.a. TPS) and I run the blog The Life of The Perpetual Student! I blog about stationery, especially Filofaxes, and about studenthood and being an organised student!

Imy has asked me to talk about my filofax collection! I have a lot of lovely filos (my mum would say too many!!), and I love them all!

Picture 1

Here is a photo of my collection from a few months ago; unfortunately, I don't have a spare shelf at home for my Filofaxes (hoping to get a new bookcase soon!), so I don't have a recent photo of them.

Here are 2 videos I made to show you my filos. I made these videos 5 months ago, so my collection has changed a bit since then- photos of my new filos are below J

Filofax Collection part 1:

Filofax Collection part 2:

Check out my Youtube channel for more videos J

Here are my newer Filofaxes!

Purple Maldens, Personal and A5

Picture 2

And my BRAND NEW (today!!) Holborn in Wine!!

Picture 3

My favourite Filofaxes are:

· Ochre Maldens, especially the personal!

· Purple Maldens

· Raspberry Chameleons

And I'm sure my new Wine Holborn will quickly go into my favourites, once I've used it a bit!

As you can probably tell, I LOVE the Malden range!!

How do I use my Filofaxes?

I don't use all of my Filofaxes at once- I don't have enough things to use them for, except as storage binders (which I guess is a legitimate use, anyway!).

· I always use a personal-sized one for my personal, daily filo. I don't stick with 1 filo, I rotate between many, on an average of 3 weeks of use for the current one before I get bored with it and rotate! In the rotation are: Ochre Malden, Crimson Malden, Purple Malden (notice a pattern here!!) Red Amazona, Raspberry Chameleon, and occasionally my Kendal. And now, of course, my Wine Holborn is in there, and I think I will be in that one for a while!!

· I use my lovely A5 Ochre Malden for my uni research projects- it was my dissertation filo, and now it is my PhD filo (or at least for my proposal to apply), but I only use this at home because I don't want it to get damaged, so I put the insides into my A5 raspberry Chameleon when I need to take my notes to uni!

· I use my absolutely gorgeous A5 purple Malden for my projects and hobbies! It is divided into lots of sections, but I have been neglecting it lately, so after some TLC and some organisation, I will do a blog post on it soon!

Which Filofax do I regret selling?

I have sold a couple of Filofaxes, but I don't regret selling them. Mostly, I have had to return or exchange filos for being faulty- the one I regret most is my personal zipped Holborn in wine, which had notorious ring problems!

Picture 4

I would have loved to have been able to keep that one, the zip around the outside meant that if it rained, I could keep my papers dry! But now I have the non-zip version, hopefully it will be perfect!!

So that's my collection! I haven't actually counted them- I think then the realisation that I have too many would hit me, and I might have to start selling them off!!

Thank you so much Kate for being the first person to do this!! I have a few people lined up but if you are interested in doing one too please email me at filofaximy@live.com

Sorry about the lack of my text but internet at work keeps going down and my home internet is not good enough for using blogger! SORRY