26 March 2012

Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Q & A Session Question

I want to do a new video on Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, Like a Q&A, any questions you have?

You can literally ask me ANYTHING, nothing will offend or upset me, and I will answer it all completely honestly! 

If I could have as many questions as possible by 1 April, I will try and do it on my week off, I will also do a written blog post with the answers on so you can have the chance to read, if you do not want to watch.

For those of you who do not know, so that you can have an idea what I am on about, here is a little bit about my condition, the basics, so you can have an idea of questions you may want to ask:

Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome is an Intersex Condition, where I was born with Internal Testies (Gonads), and XY Chromosomes, I am completely feminine, lady like etc... But I have no female reproductive organs, I can have sex like a normal person as I have a vagina (this is all so odd to type on my blog), I had my Gonads removed in 2008, and have been on HRT ever since. For the past year I have been on Testosterone.

Now I am sure after reading that there are lots of questions coming to mind, so PLEASE ASK THEM!!!!

I would love to educate you all :-)

Have a nice day!

19 March 2012


I have not been blogging as I have been having a bit of trouble with my wrist, I will try to get back to normal soon....I have lots I need to do, I will have a guest post this week too

See you all soon



10 March 2012

How I have been feeling recently with my Condition...

I just wanted to say to the world how I am feeling, I struggle to say things to people, but for some reason the camera is easier to talk to, so here is a general update on how i feel about my condition....

Enjoy :)


08 March 2012

The One

I have been thinking for a while what "The One" means, and how you know if you meet them...

My idea of love is someone who takes your breath away, someone that makes you feel safe just with a message, someone who just wants to hold you and look after you, when they kiss you, you feel like the world is going to stop, when they touch you, you feel a tingle across your body, when they hold you, you feel so safe, you want to be with them and in their arms, you don't care about what your doing as long as your doing it when them.....I could go on forever....

If I am honest I have only really felt this once, I may of said I love you (usually because they have said it and i felt i had too) to people in the past but I have truthfully only felt this once!

If I am more honest, I never felt like that with my ex, I just felt like he may be my only shot at having a partner in life, which obviously that was untrue but that was how I felt. I may of felt happy sometimes but not all that often.

But it has made me question, what is "THE ONE", I believe you should know when you have met the one! I just feel that something inside you just tells you maybe?

But I do feel that when you find someone special who you fall in love with you should put 110% of yourself in to the relationship you should try and just be yourself, but also be the best you can be when you are needed to be, support them at all times, when they really need you be there etc...

But you should NEVER let go, well try not too!

Don't you sometimes wish life was easy? Its all so very complicated!

So what are your ideas of "love" and "the one"?

(Obviously this is all my opinion and others will not agree with me, we all have different opinions on things like this, but i just wanted to ask what yours was, so please no nasty comments, not that i am expecting any but you never know)

03 March 2012

How to make Sweet Toast...

A few weeks ago the lovely Louise requested I do a blog post all about how to make a slice of toast, I decided to do it as a Valentines Day post, but I am lazy and I am only just getting around to it now!

So items you need to make some toast...


Step one:

Grab a slice of bread, ours was frozen....(no picture as phone went wrong)

Find your toaster....(The toaster from my flat) (Yes i needed to know it was a toaster)

Step two: 

Put your bread in it, and press the button then wait...

Step three:

Take the toast out the toaster.....yay

Put it on a chopping board or a plate ready to butter that piece up!

Spread the butter

BUTTERED!!! oooo arrrrrr

Step four: 

Now that the bread is buttered, you can either put another topping on or cut it in a pretty shape....

And it is DONE!!!! :-D Toast is done!!!! :-D YAY!

I have made this piece of toast for someone special, even though he isn't here tonight, its a little present for him that can go via picture hehe

That is my Saturday night :-D

01 March 2012

Temperley London for Filofax - The Affiar - Interesting....

Whilst I was in Conduit Street, I was taking photos of the Affair which was what got me in trouble...

I will start to make some fake ones now....seriously how would I even start to do that..

I was tempted to say DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO I AM...but i thought that would be a bit over dramatic!

So i got 3 photos and I have a few views of it, but to see more pictures visit PAPER LOVE STORY'S blog she just bought one, she is magical and has an amazing blog.....mwah

Here the Affair is in all its beauty, this was the one i was originally in love with, if you remember all my posts about the Temperley Filofaxes...

First impressions, its very thick and looks a lot cheaper in real life and does not feel as nice in your hand, I don't know what it is, but there was just something about it I do not like as much, just didn't have the instant love!

I opened it and the idea of the flex is quite amazing...

I love the fact it has the flex area and also the Filofax area, but i don't like the patent leather bit there, it really takes the prettyness away i feel, cheapens it a bit, this is just my opinion.

Its a lovely Filofax but i don't feel it is as special as the Guinea!

Last picture i got...

I love all the credit card pockets!!! Exactly what i need i love pockets in a Filofax!! That is one important thing for me!

But this Filofax just DOES NOT DO IT FOR ME!!!

I so much prefer the Guinea!!! AND I AM IN LOVE

Louis Vuitton is up for sale now........hehe :-D

Temperley London for Filofax - The Guinea - LOVE

I Went to London this week and had to go and look in the Filofax shop and spend money as you always have to when you go to London, as they say "when in Rome"....

So I wanted to look at the Alice Temperley organisers, I had kind of written them off completely because of the ring sizes, but I saw the Guinea on Sunday night through the bars and fell in love instantly!

So on Monday we went to the shop on Conduit Street, to make some small purchases and have a look at the lovely Filofaxes......first thing I did was look at the one I wanted to buy and decide yes I am going to buy it.


I wish I had just bought the Guinea, then worried about the money when I got home, and sold things like crazy to pay for it, I love my new Finchley but all i can think about is that beautiful Guinea!

I completely fell in love with two things on that trip..

So here are some pictures of the Guinea (before i got told off for taking photos, hence why there will not be a Affair post, but to be honest, i preferred the Guinea over the Affair in real life)

It just looks so impressive sitting there! I WANT I WANT!

Opened it up and WOW Beautiful instantly, in love even more....the more i look and read and write about it the more i want it!

Now with a Blackberry in the Blackberry holder.....(I have amazing friends, supplying Blackberry's on request, THANK YOU)

It has a very nice sort of animal print leather for the pockets, it is wow, and the pony skin on the outside feels gorgeous!

It has lots of lovely pockets....

And in the back i was supprised to find a notepad slot!!! This kind of made it for me!

I didn't look at pen loops and wanted to do so much more detail but got told off so that ruined it for me!

I love this Filofax and I want to buy it!

If you ever need to go to a Filofax shop only go to Neal Street! hehe Dee is AMAZING but she wasn't in on Monday hence why I went to Conduit Street, and i got to look at Mulberry on Bond Street too!

PERFECT HOLIDAY TO LONDON!!! Even though I had to go to Hospital!