16 June 2011

Filofax College

Hello All

I am guessing your all craving another blog post from me…. (maybe not)

Well I wanted to tell you with a dream idea for my career I came up with today….

So here it is, I want to open up a shop called Filofax College, you can kind of guess where this is going!

It all started with me saying to my boss and a colleague, if I ever win over a million pounds I'm going to buy you all a Filofax and I'm going to spend a day teaching you to use it, they all kind of shook their heads in a bit of a I feel sorry for you way, I carried on. They will not be able to leave the day of teaching until they can prove they will be amazing with a Filofax, and the most well learnt person (totally the wrong wording I know) will get Filofax prises.

In this plan I open up the shop called Filofax College, with everything Filofax, including computers set up ready to use the address book software and also printers, kind of like an Apple store but for Filofaxes!

So how all this would work is, you come in to buy a Filofax, and you choose all your inserts and pens (I would stock all the nice pens to write with, not just Filofax ones but pilot, parker etc) and have a scrap booking section with stickers and stuff for jazzing up your beauty, I would have every style.

But after you had bought all of this stuff you could choose a Filofax lesson for free, it would only be a 10 minute lesson, it would be like a pizza menu but with different lessons on, from archiving to setting up. Any lessons that took longer than the first initial 10 minute session you would obviously have to pay for!

I would also do days where I take a set up small Filofax stand in to offices, with all the stock in my car and they would spend an hour choosing one to buy and which one is “best for them” and then I would go on to help them for the rest of the day with setting up their new Filofax and keeping it all organised. Would be a day course I would offer!

There would be so much going on my Filofax would be full, then I would have to hire someone to come work with me in this magical shop, any offers? Pay would be very good and you could obsess and enable Filofax purchases all day, could life get any better?

I think the best course I would offer is designing your own Filofax pages.

And who needs Wine tasting, I would offer Pen Testing courses, you could try all pens until you find your dream pen, and I would give goody bags for joining in the pen testings, jot pads, note paper, notebooks etc, all presented with a Filofax College Pen, Pencil and cotton bag!

So, as of 1 July 2011, I am opening this Filofax College (I wont be selling things) and I will be doing a lesson a week, combining videos and blog posts! At the end of each course I will mail you certificates or maybe email them, I have not thought that through!

So If you want to enrol for Filofax College 2011 please let me know below! Or email, filofaximy@live.com from there I will send out course information, and the best part is, its all free!!!!

Look forward to seeing you all at the start of Filofax College 2011!

Much Love <3 xxx

P.s Homework you will be given a month to complete ;-) so im quite a slack teacher!


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  2. Love this idea! Sadly, I don't know if I'll have time to do homework, especially since I'll be away for the first half of July. But do keep us posted on course offerings!

  3. Kanalt - you dont have to do all the homework, its up to you if you do it, but if you enrol i can still send you the lessons etc.. so you can learn ;-) xxx

  4. Yay I want to be part of this. Boo for me being on call next weekend and then having a course in advanced epidemiology and statistics. But saying that I still want to do it! yay yay yay!

  5. CP - It doesnt start for 2 or 3 weeks (bad considering it starts 2 days before my b-day and i dont know how long away that is)

    so you have plenty of time ;-)

    and you dont have to do every bit, its up to you what you do, would be nice to have you in college ;-) xxx

  6. i emailed you but it bounced back :(

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  8. Laurie - Just email and i will sign you up, do you want to do a lesson sometime? xxx

  9. kanalt - I look forward to receiving it :-D

  10. Imy - I sent an email to the email address you posted in the comments. Did you not get it?

  11. Kanalt -ooooo sorry!!!! no thats not the email, i thought that might of happedned, i will go get it from that email and then reply to you frmo the normal one xxx

  12. Got it, thanks! Sorry I sent it to the wrong place. I thought I read that you were having trouble with the original email you posted. All is right in the world again! ;)

  13. Your not the first person i have confused! :-(

    Sorry about that :-)

    Nice to have you as a pupil :-D xxx

  14. Ahhhhh! Are you serious? Where can I sign up? (July will be a bit crazy as I have a few major work things going on and will likely spend evenings sacked out on the couch with Brit TV on my Roku player, but if I don't have to do the homework all the time, I'm in!)

    Seriously, though--can you send me contact info so I can enroll? I love this idea!

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  16. Cindy - SIGN UP!!!!!


    Don't worry you can catch up when ever you like so its kind of something you can come back to etc, so its slack fun and helpful i hope :-D

  17. Haha! Ok--I'll do it! Can't wait!