15 April 2013

My week in my Mulberry - Week 14 & Week 15

Sorry for the huge delay! I am trying to plan everything but it takes so much time, I haven't written all the blog posts yet either!

Next week is going to be a very big week in Imysworld! PREPARE YOURSELF

Here is my Week 14:


The week I was without my Mulberry!!!

Week 15



The ticket is from the last time I saw my grandad :( I will keep it forever!

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  1. Yay for Mulberry being back!!! And big hugs re Granddad.

    My Granddad is currently in hospital (somewhere in the Truro area) and is very poorly so I need to try to get over for the weekend, but it's sounding like he may be gone by then :-( Bless them, we love Granddads x