17 July 2014

4 Days to Surgery!

I decided I should do little posts randomly throughout my surgery adventure, I will tell you my thoughts yesterday first (random blog post I know)

You can read about my previous appointments regarding my Breast Reduction here:

Breast Reduction Help and Advice

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Update on my Reduction

I won't be able to link to these in each blog post as I will be mainly posting from my phone!

7 Days to Surgery

I went to Asda tonight to stock up on some things I may need:

Baby wipes
Roll on deodorant
Pyjamas (couldn't get front opening ones due to a phobia of buttons)
Cheap Zip up hoody

I have also bought on the weekend Bio Oil, ready for after, and a few days before some sports bras from Marks and Spencer due to not being able to wear normal bras for ages! Really getting excited!

6 Days to Surgery

Getting a bit nervous today, ordered three front opening bras, a Royce one, which sounds really fancy and two Asda ones, I am expecting to return an Asda one as I ordered two sizes, I really hope the Royce one isn't too big as well!!! I really cannot wait to see my small boobs!

5 Days to Surgery

Someone in my office who I sit next to has a cold, I am concerned I may catch it, as if I do then I cannot have my op!!! Worrying all day about catching it, he moved to work downstairs for the rest of day just to help me not catch it. I sanitised the whole desk and anything on it and my hands!

Asda bras came today, I tried them on, it looked so funny my huge boobs bulging out of them! But so excited about what they may look like after!

4 Days to Surgery

Starting to feel nervous and excited, mainly nervous due to driving to London tomorrow by myself! I have never done such a thing before! But I am meeting my friend Alice on the way up and she is going to go shopping with me for a bit around a huge shopping mall!

I am going to Lovebox tomorrow too

Cold worries are departing a little, I am less worried I have caught a cold, I have a bit of a scratchy throat and runny nose but I think that is hay fever as I get it badly!!! Please only be hay fever I cannot miss out on my surgery! I will be heart broken!

Drink lots of water, is what I shall do! And eat lots? Feed a cold or something?

My boss asked if it was a operation I had to have done or something else, I just told him it would make my every day life better, as it is true, it will!

I hope I am not asked too many questions as I do not think they will understand that it is not a cosmetic thing!

Will try update you tomorrow :)


  1. Woohoo!!! So excited for you Imy :-)

  2. I'm glad you had the time to update us attentively in that post. It's nice to know about your day-by-day journey to breast reduction, as a lot of people are curious how patients deal with the excitement of pre-surgery. I hope you are doing well these days. All the best to you! :)

    Michelle Anderson

  3. Hello! How are you doing? I’m sorry to hear that your surgery got delayed then. It must’ve been frustrating for you, especially if you have already committed to it and done the necessary preparations. Anyway, I hope that you are doing well now. Thanks for sharing!

    Byron Brewer @ Knight and Sanders