29 October 2014

Tee Total - Part 2


The reason I have called this Part 2 is due to writing a post about being tee total back in 2011!

I would say I have been tee total now since I was 18? Maybe a bit younger as I have never really drank from what I can remember (and no my memory isn't bad due to alcohol abuse, it is due to HRT before you say anything), so many people always seem so shocked by my choice to not drink, and really do not understand.

I am pretty used to it now, I may have one drink every so often, I think I may of had 2 drinks of Cider maybe 3 this year, I had Half a Pint in February, in Central in Newquay with my friend, maybe 1/3 of a pink as I didn't drink the whole glass! And most of a bottle of berry cider sometime in May? Maybe June.

There is one huge benefit to this being tee total, I always get to drive, I do not have to wait for a taxi, I can just leave when I want and go home! That isn't the only benefit but it is one of them.

As I have been total for so long it seems like normal to me, I am not envious of waking up with a hangover, or being sick etc, I love having a kind of clean life, I do not smoke either, and I have started exercising, but there will be more on that in Part 3 of my Breast Reduction Story, but I do eat chocolate and other nice things like that.

My favorite drink is still water! I love the stuff! It can get a bit boring, and I am a bit of a water snob, I used to LOVE Volvic, but I am starting to like Evian when it has been in a fridge until it is the perfect temperature, also drinking water out of a Glass bottle always tastes better than a plastic bottle.

Nowadays when I go out with people drinking I have a pint of coke! Then continue with the water.

I don't think anyone will ever truly understand not having a need or a want for alcohol other than other people who do not drink.

There are many reasons why I don't drink,

One being it gives me acid, another being I spent a long time around an alcoholic and saw what alcohol can do to people, I just do not see any fun in drinking alcohol and I am happy that way!


  1. I applaud you for not being a drinker! I'll have a beer or wine or champagne every now and then but I can't call myself a drinker either. I live on coffee and water! I have a non-drinker American friend and don't see anything wrong with it.

  2. I am pretty much the same. This year we had family from Australia and I probably had more alcoholic drinks (ok Shandy!) during that time than in the whole of the previous 6 months. Maybe one every couple of days. We had a glass of bubbly in July for our 20th wedding anniversary and I have not had any alcohol since July, and probably won't until New Year (and probably not then either). If we go out I usually have Appletise or coke. My favourite drink is probably tea (the closest to Tetley's the better!).

    I do drink, but choose not to. Yes I have had moments when I had a glass of wine to many, but I can (and often do) take or leave (the usual) alcohol. In the early part of the year I had to fill in a health survey. How many units a week do you drink. I answered the question over a year, because I probably drink on the whole about 6 units a year usually

  3. i'm the same, fizzy drinks and alcohol (bar wine) gives me gas and makes me feel sick. I do however often have a glass of wine when I go out for dinner (to the indian restaurant at the end of my road so I can walk) but only a glass, and I often prefer juice! my father in law is an alcoholic and I'd consider my mother in law to be one also and it drives me mad to see how they put the opportunity to drink before everything, including seeing their grandsons.