06 April 2011


The Filofax Competition is still running enter now and you may be able to win some exciting Filofax goodness, i may even put in some bits from Filofax if i get to Staples before then!!!

You will not know what your going to get until it arrives on your door stop.

Who ever wins needs to send me a picture of themselves with it or with all the bits to put in my next video of the comp :-)

Much love <3 xxx

1 comment:

  1. Ah yes, the temptations of TPF. I've wanted to break into my savings account a few times but have resisted the urge - I just hang around cos I love the Mulberry ladies, and read alot in the money forums too - there's some good savings advice on there! I start work in August and planning on treating myself with my first grownup paycheque haha.

    Ok I'll bite. Mother's Day was last Sunday (3rd?) and is the fourth Sunday of Lent (why we work things out this way I'll never know). And I should win becauuuuuuuse.. I don't know. I don't actually have any convincing reasons, I just like post-its. :D