20 April 2011

Cambridge Satchel......Hmmmm


I am having a Satchel Time, I want to get a Cambridge Satchel I know the size I want 11”, only because I want a really small summer bag, but I'm not too sure on the colour, to go with Flo Yellow, or Pink

Could you please comment below on the colour you think I should go for?? 

There is a price different of £15 which isnt really much, i love the yellow, but im a barbie in my head???  which do you prefer?? Oh and BTW im going to a blog post a day!!! :-) YAY

Pink - Picture is the same size i want


Flo Yellow - The pictured one is not the 11" 

Comment below and let me know (omg that rhymes)

Much Love <3 xxx


  1. What happened to the Alexa? Obvs big diff between that and the cambridge satchels... personally I think satchels look best in tan but of the two you posted I like the pink best (not something i say often!)

  2. Alannarama - I am going to get the Alexa, this is just temporary before!! :-) YAY