12 January 2012

My Androgen Insensitivity life in Videos so far.....

I made all these videos around a year ago, all to do with my condition, and I just wanted to share them all with you to give you some nice evening watching!

First of all to be positive i will start with the good points!

Here is a bit of my story

Here is about my experiences with HRT

Here is my small amount of experience with bullying

And finally me asking questions about periods, as i have never had them...

My eyes look nice in that one!

But it has been a hard struggle and it always will be hard for me...

I just wanted to show you a little bit of what i have been through!


  1. Hi Imy - I have only really heard about this condition through your blog. You are so brave to put yourself out there like this and so strong.

    As you say, it will always be hard, but you are doing so well and I hope people who have bullied people with this condition in the past see these videos and are ashamed of what they have done, and hopefully treat people better in the future.

    I'm sure that your videos must give a lot of encouragement to other people and help improve their outlooks on their own conditon.

    And as for periods - yeuch!!! They are different for everyone, some people have really bad pain (my friend when I was still at school used to just double up in pain sometimes, whereas at that age I had next to no pain, maybe a dull ache that would go across the tops of my legs), and it changes as you get older (or it could be to do with having children) - I went through a phase where every 3rd month would be the period from hell where I would spend most of the weekend crying for no reason (even watching the Grand Prix could start me off...) Panty liners - eeuw, and those big fat sanitary pads that are like wearing a mattress in your pants, truly hideous (and after childbirth you have no choice but to use them as you aren't allowed to use tampons. Tampons do the job but can be very uncomfortable, usually you can't feel them, but every now and then you get one that just doesn't sit right and irritates, bleurgh!!! And then there's all the hormonal crap that goes with them - lovely!!!

    And does it feel like you've wet yourself? No, but if some does 'leak' out when you have a tampon in, then it feels a bit like it does when... not sure if I can type this bit where people can actually read it...

    Do you know that sensation after you've had sex and not used a condom, when later in the day you may feel a weird sensation as some kinda makes its way out - well it's a bit like that... eeuw!!!

    Now I feel gross, so I'm going to think of your 5 good things about CAIS and be jealous for a bit :o) xxx

  2. Great comments, LJ. I was going to try to explain the "wetting yourself" comment in the same manner, but was having trouble how to phrase it. Exactly! You can feel it trickle down.

    Imy, thank you for sharing these videos. I, too, only have learned about this condition through your blog and videos and I commend you for being so open and brave.

  3. Hi, Imy. Thanks for your frank and open discussion of a situation that certainly must have tested your composure to the max! But as you point out, there are some benefits to this condition!

    I never had children and my periods were always so long and heavy that I had to live my life in 2-3 week segments. Menstruation was a ball and chain for all my most productive years. Your condition allows for a level of choice and freedom that many would find desirable. I hope you make the most of this strange gift.

  4. LJ - Thank you, someone has to be lol

    lol thank you for the explanation of periods!!! I think i know what you mean, sort of lol I get why its hard to explain

    thank you tho xxx

    Terriknits - thank you :-) I think i get what your on about when you explain it :-)

    Aliandra - was really hard to do yes! I did struggle a bit on some of the videos....

    yeah i know i have choice of how to have one but it could never be the same as the child growing inside you and you nerturing it if you get me? x

  5. Imy you never cease to amaze me with your wonderfulness!!
    I have uterine fibroids and have had two surgical operations to remove most of them. But they do grow back.However even after that I continued to have the periods from hell. I would be bedbound for days and in so much pain. I was also always anemic and having to take iron tablets. To be honest if I didnt want the option of having children I would have removed my uterus years ago!!! Anyways I am on some new hormonal treatment now which is helping as they won't do any more operations on me until I have children. Periods are a real pain! Literally!

  6. Imy I found your blog thru philofaxy and I think you are absolutely wonderful. I'm sorry that you have experienced some mean people in your life. I think people can suck it. You are such a treat and I look forward to every new blog post and video. I'm 47 years old and learn from you all the time. It's awesome.