24 January 2012

I believe Alice is going down the Rabbit hole with these Prices! - Filofax


I have seen this text posted on numerous blogs...

"British heritage brand Filofax has partnered with the British designer Alice Temperley to launch a new collection of organisers entitled Your Life in Your Hands. Handmade from premium leathers, the range showcases Alice Temperley's signature style and includes two limited edition organisers to be launched during London Fashion Week this February. Priced from £375 to £399, the new collaborative collection will be available from Temperley boutiques, Filofax stores and Selfridges from the end of February.launches on 18th February."

I was REALLY wanting to buy one of these as from the small little snippets of them we have seen they look LUSH!!!! And you all know I am one for a Filofax but at this price you HAVE TO BE JOKING!!!!

I am going to go and try and see these on 28 February as they will be in launching on 18 February, so it should be there! And i will take some photos and have a look! But I BETTER not fall in love!

I would much rather buy a nice Mulberry Wallet or something, but If i have to have it I have to! BUT I AM NOT GOING TO PAY £400 for a FILOFAX!!!!!!!

What are your views on this over priced Filofax??

Sorry I have been away so long!


  1. I'm sorry but it's shocking. I thought buying a half price Deco was very extravagant. I will not be buying one and doubt very much that I will ever get to see one. Xx

  2. Oh well, I thought they would cost more than that. Plus the snippets I've seen give me the impression that they are terribly ugly, look cheap and common. Just because the Middleton sisters are dressing in Temperley doesn't mean we need to have a Temperley filofax. Anyway, as I pointed out before it looks like a whore's handbag. Ugh. Just my two cents! Miss your blog posts!

  3. This is ridiculous. You can get Mulberry or Louis Vuitton agenda for this price (both personal size). Agree with Icclewu...I`m trying to justify to buy Deco in half price, because it`s still a lot of money.

  4. Bloomin heck! I jad no idea they were going to be so expensive!

  5. What....what....what?? I tried to convert that into US dollars and my head broke. The Malden was expensive for me, and it's a good thing I invested because it looks like I'm gonna be staying with it!

  6. You need to look on the USA site, some on there more expensive!

  7. I'm with you. It is ridiculously expensive. I was planning on treating myself, but at that price... maybe not!!! Filofax would generate themselves far more revenue if they listened to what people want out of their inserts...

  8. @Steve...there are more expensive filos, but I would say that UK and US markets are quite different. Suppose that UK doesn't have those really expensive filos, becouse they know they can't compete with Smythson etc. Suppose that Alice T. is famous in UK, but not so much in Europe or US. I'm just trying to say, that if somebody wants to buy designer agenda/filo, he will probably go for another, more attractive label. Especially when we are talking about same price range.

  9. I can't believe how much these will retail for, I guess their plan is that lots of fashionistas and leading style bloggers will get free ones to publicise the brand then a few people will covet the expensive ones but the rest will buy a cheaper model.

    Kind of like the way LV and Mulberry are high priced to drive exclusivity I guess

    Not for me though, I'm still in love with my Amethyst Deco - I think in fact this is the longest I've ever gone without changing it up :)


  10. Way too expensive for me. I spent £80 on my Cambridge satchel recently & thought that was quite an extravagant purchase!
    I wonder how well they will sell at these prices?