20 February 2012

Filofax Land

I was sitting here in my office thinking away when I started to think about Filofaxes.

I was thinking about the fact that outside of the Philofaxy world, NO ONE GETS IT!

Its as if when you are on Philofaxy, or Twitter tweeting at other Filofaxers its our own little world, where the drama all relates to Filofaxes, not who has slept with who, what soap star has had a baby, but Filofaxes, pretty little diaries that we carry our lives in.

But it is like its own world, people don't seem to get it if your on the outside, they humor you, but you can see them thinking (what is wrong with them), but they don't say it!

Does anyone else feel like Filofax Land is its own world....I love it tho!



  1. I believe in Filofaxland. No one understands my obsession with Filofaxes. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy!!! I am, but that's not the point. I love it all!!!!! Xx

  2. Totally! You're so right - no one outside of the community get it. They do humor you, or pretend to while shaking their head in disbelief. But at least we can all be together, here, discussing what we love without any weird looks or comments or laughter. I can't tell you how excited I was to find this community 5 years ago!

  3. I absolutely agree! When people heard I was going to the November meet up (& excited about it), I could see the looks on their faces & they thought it was kinda funny. They really didn't understand at all...

  4. Oh how true!! I pull out my new gorgeous Malden A5, practically on the verge of palpitations at the excitement... and all I get is a patronising "Oh, that's nice..." accompanied by a grim smile of confusion and the underlying suspicion that I have a spending disorder.

  5. I am glad I am not alone on this, Mr D, he thinks its cute and likes the fact i like them but doesn't really get it, he says it makes me different lol

    But its always funny when you tell someone that you like Filofaxes their reactions...

    and then when you go to meet others for a Filofax trip, people are kind of like.....ermmmm are you serious!!!

    But its oh so worth it hhahaha

  6. Filofax Land is a land all of it's own, and only special people can see it. We should feel sorry for everyone else that they just don't have access :o)