28 February 2012


I went to London for hospital and here is a quick small haul from my trip, I didn't buy much because of I didn't have all that money! But still I got a few things....

So Filofax bag first :-)

A5 Inserts.... can you see what is coming next....

Finchley A5 Imperial Purple eeeeeek Empty tho!

I did see the Temperley organisers and there will be lots to come on them soon (ONE DAY I SHALL OWN THE GUINEA)

Now the Harrods bag, I didn't take photos of this I just have a photo I found on Flickr, as I couldn;t use my phone to take it as it has it on...durrrrr

Rabito Case ♥

Mine is in pink :-D I have watned this for AGES

Last was Paperchase this morning as a well done for having a blood test hehe


So that was that :-) I had the most AMAZING time ever!!! Best trip to London ever i believe!



  1. Was it Tottenham Court road Paperchase??????
    I bloody love that place!!
    And I'm very Jealous about the Filofax!!!!! I love that baby!!!

  2. Outstanding! Sounds like you did very well on that trip. I saw a girl with one of those rabbit ear phones just last week, but thought I might have been imagining things.
    Your new A5 looks groovy :)

  3. It's not a bad thing starting with an empty Filofax, you can at least decide on the contents... Print off the inserts you actually need and will use. I did more or less that with my A5 this year.

  4. oh how I want that purple Finchley, but they seem to be very hard to find here in the US! love the bunny and stickers!!

  5. I'm not a fan of the colour purple, but damn, those imperial purple Finchleys are gorgeous!!

  6. I went into the FF shop on Neal Street last week and saw the Temperly's too - The Guinea does feel gorgeous. I was there the day before you apparently as the lady said you were coming in the next day, was gutted to miss you, would have been nice to see a fellow FF fan :-)

  7. Purple A5 Finchley is stunning! Can't wait to see how you use her!

  8. Great buys. Love the Finchley -very strokeable! I love stickers too. Bunny looks fun!

  9. I wish all Filofaxes were sold empty (at an appropriately reduced price), or at least had an empty option....I already have all the inserts I'll need for quite a while, and anyway I wouldn't use the ones which come as 'fillers'

  10. Please post a review of your new A5 Finchley as soon as you are better! It's been discontinued over here in the US. Love your videos and blog posts!