09 November 2012

Brief Silence

I am sorry to inform you but this week blogging has taken a bit of a back seat.

Coming soon to Imysworld....

  • Filofax College may resume next week - but there does not seem to be much interest
  • Filofax Collection of the Week will resume next week, has only been stopped due to today's activities (I may be able to do it later on this arvo) 
  • Midori posts will continute next week. 
  • Roterfaden posts will continue next week.
  • There will be a competition next week. 

In the mean time.....

I am stalking Zatchles until they release the Hello Kitty Satchels, I am going to buy the smaller Saddle bag....



I am seriously stalking the website and twitter feed.

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for now.... @imysworld (Every social network my name is Imysworld, so follow me, except I am not on Facebook at all)

Please bear with me and come back next week, I am giving away a voucher for a 2013 Diary! That you can design your self...................................................... get excited


  1. Oh please continue filofax college :)
    i guess people are sometimes just lazy about commenting (the way i am)
    i loved your detailed ideas on colour coding to do lists for example

  2. Can not wait to see your post about the roterfaden and midori.

  3. Oh! I have only just discovered filofax college! Please don't stop it!

    Can I start at last years week 1 and catch up?

  4. Findinghope - Ok I will try and continue :)

    Puddytat Purr- Yes you can start at 2011 Week 1 and catch up that is fine!!! :) I look forward to seeing your homework! x

  5. Imy--is it true? Are you loving the Filo again?
    Come back!