06 November 2012

Challenge Imy - Budgeting Week 1

I have decided I should start to challenge myself to do things, so this month it will be BUDGETING!

I have created a budget, but unfortunately lost my leather red suitcase at a train station, therefore I shall have to use my beautiful new Roterfaden! YAY!


When I open it you see a notebook that says FINANCE, this is where I am going to keep track of this challenge! I am hoping to fill the whole notebook by the end of the month with finance stuff, including information, budgets etc... YAY


I did the stamping on a train....hence the wonkyness....


I started to work on budgeting and wrote with my Pentel Energel, I am starting to like this pen a lot, but it makes me write messy as it is so smooth I just do not put as much effort in, which is not good!

I am not going to type out my budget, I will type out what I had budgeted and what I have spent next Monday to show you but for today I shall just be showing you photos of my budgets in my Notebook!

Week 1 budget..



It does not just have budget on the page it also has a little planning for the Eden Project for Sunday as they do this locals thing every year where you pay once and can go unlimited times in a year!

I am also going to be trying to sell things over this budgeting challenge, not to allow myself extra money but to make it so that it counteracts my spending and I spend £0.00 if you get me?? Fingers crossed!!!

Wish me luck and I will do another update next week!

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  1. Planning a budget and tracking your finances, though beneficial in the long run, are never really fun. Especially for a shop-a-holic/impulse buyer like myself. LOL. Good luck!