06 March 2013

The Filofax Circle of Life!

(Real Age has nothing to do with the following theory, it usually is over 2-3 years) 

When I was new to Filofax, I just went crazy and kept buying new ones but as I have become a more Mature Filofaxer (I feel like there are life stages in the Filofax circle, but you end up back at the beginning at some point) I now only use one and have sold all that I originally bought.

I have realise today that there is a kind of life cycle to this so I thought I would blog about it and try and break down the life cycle so people can work out which stage of their Filofax life they are in and then they can see where they may be going (Disclaimer, this is not the same life path for everyone do not expect to go through the same things)

Baby Filofaxer (from when you first see Filofaxes up until you find Philofaxy)

This is the stage where you have only just heard about Filofaxes and you order your first one. 

You go on to Google Filofax and what comes up? PHILOFAXY!!!!! 

Young Filofaxer (from 2 months to roughly 1 year)

In your first year of Filofaxes you seem to become obsessed with finding that one perfect one, the one you want the one you crave, so you go crazy and any time you see one you slightly like you buy one and use it a bit then think something isn't working or you have faulty rings and just think this needs to go.

I used to buy one use it for two or three weeks, buy another (sometimes more), etc... I only ever used one at a time and quite often would change from A5 to Personal to Pocket to Personal but I always kept roughly 15 "in stock" on my shelf empty ready for use. But once I had used one once I would never really use it again (I can be strange like that I associate them with bad feelings etc and when something has gone wrong I kind of never want to use it again) I would buy a new one.

But when I would change I would move everything I had out and re write every single detail (I still practice this as I like fresh in a New Filofax unless it is work data I usually just use the same sheets) and this was so time consuming and life sucking, it was the most pointless exercise but I would not use a Filofax or more in until I was at that stage where everything I needed was there and re written and new!

During this first year I find you end up using so many different diaries and diary formats that you end up crazy, and never know what you have done, where you have done it etc, then you have a realising moment which brings you on to the next life style of Filofaxness.

Middle Age Filofaxer (from year 1.5 to 2.5 years, roughly)

When you reach this section you are more wanting to settle down, get comfy have a nice life with your partner (partner being the Filofax) so you go in search of the most perfect and keep the perfect but missing something’s in reserve ready to be used incase the next one you buy is not quite so perfect.

During this time you usually buy one Filofax every two months and move in and be like THIS IS THE ONE and then you realise no it isn’t and have to get a new one. You are thinking this must get easier, you start to write less down and try to just keep with something familiar, you still do not stay in one diary format or diary for a whole year. But all your important notes stay the same.

One thing you do find is that these perfect but missing something’s are kept in your top 5 and not use them but have them on the shelf looking pretty.

My Filofaxes during this time were:

A5 Adelphi in Black
Personal Amazona in Black
Personal Finchley in Vintage Rose
Pocket Zipped Malden in Purple
Slimline Adelphi in Scarlet

During this age period you also start to become overly obsessed with stickers, tape and post its, you may not use them but you buy them because “you may use them one day” and “omg they are so cute I must own them even if I never use them”.

Then comes the WORST stage in the Filofax life…………


During this stage you start to think Filofaxes are not for you, you try other ideas, Flex, Moleskine, bound diaries, but none work.

You start to not track anything, not really care not want to do anything.

You loose a part of your Filofax life and start to feel a bit all over the place as you do not know whether to carry on with the Filofax and grin and bear it or try and continue on finding a different idea?

This stage can happen at any time there is no timeline for Midlife Filofax Crisis unfortunately, it is not something you can gauge it will just come on one day.

Eventually you will start to make a try to get back in to it, but will it be too late.

Midlife Filofax Crisis is a well known condition, it is usually bought on by Ring Failures, loss of Filofax, damage of Filofax or just general issues. There is no way to avoid this part of your Filofax life I am sorry!

Mature Filofaxing (usually after 3 years)

You manage to stick to one Filofax and one Diary insert for a long time, you sell all your other Filofaxes and just have one. You feel content but something is still missing.

You either decide to buy a more expensive binder as this will be the one you stay with for all your life or you become a Young Filofaxer again and go back to your old ways.

No one knows why this happens to people or why they revert back to their old Filofax ways but one thing I do know is…..

Filofax people are the most supportive and lovely people you will ever meet! You are lucky your all in the same crazy boat with Philofaxy at the wheel we wont sink…. I hope!

So where are you in your Filofax life????

I am at the expensive binder section in Mature Life….


  1. I'm in the stage that I want washi tape and cute post it flags :P
    I do have so many post-it that I don't use, so many pens, markers, highlighters, etc.
    Unfortunately (or not?) I do live in South America, meaning I don't have the chance to get my hands on Filofax's before ever get one. I don't work at the moment, so I don't have much money to expend either.
    I have set myself the challenge to save to get a leather Filofax but also, at the same time, don't know why to expend so much money on one since my Domino it's so perfectly working for me, my layout it's great and I believe the reason why I want a leather one it's just because it looks so nice! LOL

  2. I must still be a baby at this point. My first Filo (Metropol personal raspberry) was purchased less than a week ago. I already "won" three more binders on eBay. I've been sticker happy all my life, and I have fun adapting my binder to my personality.

    By the way - I also counted down the days until I had the money for my Filo!

  3. I think I'm in between Mid-life Filofax crisis, and Mature Filofaxer! As you know, I have been through a lot of Filofax fail, so I have stopped using a Filofax for my daily planner, but I'm still using my A5s for projects and hobbies etc, and I'm really happy with them for that- I don't think I will be buying any more, except for the Aqua A5 Malden!! :D

  4. Entertaining post. I think I'm in a phase you haven't gotten to yet - maybe midlife crisis? I've used my Franklin Covey planner for 20 years and now I'm sick of it. I want something completely new. I've been playing around with Filofax but it's hard to change because I'm so used to Franklin Covey and it is a really great system. But I am SO tired of it! What do you think? Mature mid-life crisis?

  5. Very thought-provoking post! I am beyond these stages - Filofax Dead?! LOL. Everything has been so awful the past number of months that I just have a Paperblanks w02p that I'm using because I have no life outside of work. :-(

  6. Oh my word!!! I seem to be in different stages all at the same time - no wonder I have problems :-)

  7. I'd classify myself as a mature filofax polygamist, having gone through the nearly-identical notebook circle of life & midlife notebook crisis to get here.

    I'm happily settled into several different colors of pocket Metropols, switching from one to another when I need a change. This way, I get stability AND moody changeability...plus relief from the terrible burden of choosing only one color (shudder).

  8. Ha ha! This is so true! I'm not sure which stage I'm in -- probably Mature Filofaxing, though I haven't given any away. I still have quite a collection. I have stayed with (for the most part) the same inserts, but I change the binder seasonally. So would that be non-retired mature filofaxer?

    And, I love the photo at the top!

  9. On this basis then I must be pre-historic! Great post!

  10. I love this post!!!
    I would say that I am somewhere between a midlife crisis and a Mature. I have used them for close to 4 years.
    But now my collection is completely out of control; it fills a complete small bookcase that used to hold real books. I see the truth, and wonder how I let them multiply so fast!
    So i am considering not buying anymore until the new additions or collections come out this year. But i wouldnt bet that I will make it that long!

  11. This made me laugh. It's so true. I think I've made it to the mature filofaxing stage now.

  12. This post is so true. It made me laugh as I read it because I went through all the stages. I think I can confidently say I've made it to the mature filofaxing stage now, but who knows... that could change at any minute.

  13. Great post :-)

    I'm up to Midlife Filofax Crisis especially with my carry around Filofax, feeling the need to try out Midori because i'm damn sick of those bloody rings!!

  14. Great post!
    I think I'm a mature filofaxer as I've definitely settled down & am very content. Also, I'm definitely leaning towards to having only one again, but I wonder if I'd regret getting rid of my A5 zipped Holborn...

  15. This is fantastic!! I'm in my Filofax Midlife Crisis. Still trying to sort out the solution!