05 March 2013

Paperchase Haul & Waterstones Haul

Here is a very quick Paperchase Haul!!!!

Will someone please stop me buying Stationery. < FULL STOP!!!!!

You can tell it has just been payday can't you!!!


I mainly ordered some presents for my friend, but I had to get a few things I have been craving for a while and some notepads..

First of all it is some Washi Tape...


I have seen the cloud tape EVERYWHERE and I have always thought OMG I need this in my life!!! Therefore I ordered it along with some Star washi tape.

I wrote on the Star washi tape but.... on the see through stars it seems to not stick property (the ink that is)

I then went on to buy two notepads for my Mulberry to slip in one of the pockets so I can write rough notes ;)




One is lined the other plain, they are so cute and will go perfectly with my Pink Mulberry and my Alice in Wonderland Dividers...

Now on to the Waterstones Haul, I bought two of these, one for my friend one for me!

I have wanted Moomin Post its for AGES but never invested, so I thought I would. What a disappointment it has turned out to be!


Packaging is cute!


Here are the Sticky notes


My annoyance.....


The main notes are not sticky!!!!! (Insert crying now) I will be using these as little lists I will hole punch I think. So annoyed I was so excited about Moomin post its!!!!

That is all on this subject, check out my Cult Pens Haul tomorrow!!! YAY!!!

11 Days until MULBERRY DAY!!!!! 

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