17 July 2015

Kawaii Box - June 2015 - Review/Giveaway

I contacted Kawaii Box a few weeks ago as I thought the idea of having a box full of amazing stationery and other cute bits sounded amazing! I didn't think I would get a reply so quickly, but they let me have a box to review! I am so thankful!! It is amazing!! I will show you what I received in the June 2015 Kawaii Box as I go through the review!!! I hope you enjoy! I want to get one in the future, but trying to save money means not spending money on stationery and cute things so I am not fully sure when!

I hope you enjoy my review!!

Firstly, this is kind of a spoiler I guess, but you can see me unbox everything in this Youtube video below!

Sorry the video isn't higher quality but where I live it would take hours to upload the view at 720 HD, and at my parents house 10 times as long so that's why it is slightly lower quality, but you can still see everything! YAY

If you want to wait until after or half way through to break it up, it is up to you.

A WARNING NOW, this is a very picture heavy post, there are 30+ pictures! Enjoy!

Here is the front of the box, first of all, I have no idea at all why the box is upside down in this picture I have uploaded it a few times, always when uploaded it was the right way around so I have no idea what so ever!! Sorry!

Here is the adorable logo, which the cute purple bow and the kawaii logo!

When you open the box you are greeted with this lovely card, which says, Kawaii Box, Thank you! You may notice the tissue paper? Adorable or what, there is a closer up picture of that in a minute!

Here is the front of the card, it is just a little thank you card to say thanks for ordering one of their boxes, think it should be more like thank you for making such an amazing box and giving it to me to review, but I guess I will accept the Thank you too!

On the back of the card there is a list of what you get, in a way they have just basically described what each thing is, unless it is how it translates? I will never know as I cannot read any of the languages nor know what any of them are? hehe I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Have a Sunny Summer Stamp!! And the face the stamp has and the colour of the stamp, I just love it all!

Here is that tissue paper, I just LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! It is so so so cute!! I want to do something with it, no idea what but something!

I then opened the box, and my face basically looked like this ^o^ ! It was such an exciting thing ever to see!!! Look at all those cute things!!!

First up is this stuff.... if I was just given this I would guess bubble tea with jelly? not that I have ever tried bubble tea, I would be interested to try it! Anyway it is described as Krace bubble jelly DIY candy, therefore it makes me assume it could be jelly? Well I am going to try it live on camera soon, (probably this weekend) and I am scared of trying new things! Something that cute looking must be nice.....

This was the cute guys stationery set, below is a photo of the set pulled out so you can see all the things inside it.

I looked and thought, two pencils, a pen, no idea what that is a sharpener a rubber and some hand grip, but oh I was wrong.

First of all, two pencils, standard pencils, then the one which I thought was a pen was actually a pencil, a retractable pencil, which surprised me as there was already two pencils!

Next I was wondering what is that random tube.... it is to protect the end of your pencil, it is a lid for pencils! How amazingly clever is that!? I know you can get something similar with the "perfect pencil" which one day I hope to own, but I never knew such things existed, clever idea though!

This was described as a Hello Kitty Pen, it is in fact another pencil, with a really cute dangly Hello Kitty! Super adorable!

Dangly Kitty!!!!

Cute Panda sticky notes!!! These don't really need much describing other than the fact they are cute!

This is a piece of sushi you put in your headphones hole, it is super cute, I was using my photo to take photos so I couldn't show it in there! It is super quite, it is a little squishy!! Picture of it below!


This is a cute pill box! It is pretty cute!!! If I need to start taking pills again, I will use this to hold them in!

This is a strawberry squishy charm, which appears to have some icing with hundreds and thousands on the bottom, if you squeeze it it fees very much like a stress ball!

The other side of the strawberry! It has a phone kind of attachment, you can obviously attach it to anything you want though!

This is one of my favorite items, it is supposed to be a bean, but I have decided it is a pea! Peas are my favorite food, and he is super kawaii!! I have to say everything in this box is Kawaii!!

Isn't this poo sharpener cute!! I am going to one day write a post about why Japanese people are so obsessed with Poo, I shall research it then get back to you on that! But you can kind of see why!

These are ice cream cone stickers? I see some ice cream cones, some bun cases, some sweets, they are puffy stickers, which are not the sort I usually buy as they do not give you a flat writing surface, but oh they are cute (kawaii hehe) and there is also two squirrels! I could I hate them!

Do you see Mr Squirrel?

This is a rather smart bag charm, (or key ring) the reason why I said it is rather smart is the alpaca is wearing a bow tie!! How often do you see alpacas wearing such fancy things!?

Him in all his glory, I probably should of taken of a photo of the back, but it looks like, I think it has a loop, which can be attached to anything by a little clip, and the ring part has three separate rings to add separate keys too, which is perfect!

This is the final product and probably my least favorite, there is nothing wrong with it, I just don't really wear fake nails or do things to my nails, I love the little things you can attach to your nails though, so even though it isn't something I normally use I fancy trying them out to see how they work!  YAY

Here is a close up of the nail set you get, they are quite cute patterns! Perfect if you don't want the fuss of painting your nails!

This is one of three little leaflets they put in the box, this one is for a Kawaii Shop called Blippo which seems to sell the majority of the things you receive in the box! So if there is anything you really want you can probably order it off there!

Little flyer with a hastag you can use to enter a competition!

Finally a leaflet for a candy box, which I really want to try and do a video of trying the different things as I unbox it! I hope to do that soon!!

Overall I LOVE the Kawaii box!! I have read some other reviews and agree with one thing, that a theme for each box would be good, but I love the random selection I received!! I will order one when I have some spare money next as I really enjoyed doing the review and also getting to play with everything!! It is so nice doing a youtube video again and a review feels like so long!!

Thank you for getting this far!!!

Now enter my competition below!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

To enter the giveaway please use the Rafflecoper gadget below! Good luck!!!

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