19 November 2014

2014 Gillio Tour - Part 3


Sorry, I have had a bit of a hiatus again, I was so close to being a regular blogger!

Here we are again, now we are at Part 3 of my Tour around Crocidilla my lovely Gillio, I haven't used her much in the past week or so though, which hasn't been good, I do not know what is wrong, but I can't concentrate or remember anything. I can't even remember to write things down, my brain seems to be loosing it, and I do not know what I can do to help!

Next section in my Gillio is my Finance section! YAY

At the front (usually) is a Budget for the current month, I never really stick to it, but I like to try and budget a bit so I have all my lunch/Diesel money separate from all my spending money and Direct Debits so I do not overspend, which is so hard to do!  But I am getting a lot better! YAY

But on the front this time is a sheet of paper with my Car Insurance workings out, as I had an accident it all went up, and I was trying to beat the quote from Volkswagen of £1,500, which is 10% of the price of my car.... I am really not going to pay that much when I can get just over 1/3 of the price!

There is one of my lovely Hema stickers at the top, this was the last time I saw them, I do not know where I put them or where I last used them! I am pretty sure it was on this page! They were such cute circles with pretty things on!

Next there is a break down of each weeks spending, which shows how much I have spent under 4 categories.

Here is an example of my Finance Sheet, it is all probably wrongly worked out, but it is more of just a guide so I can see where my money is going, as if I am honest, I can never remember what I have paid for on my card, so then at least I have some sort of guide, but I have been really bad with this in the past few weeks and I haven't tracked my Finances really all of November!

Next is my Planning Section:

At the moment in my planning section is a few pages on planning for going to the Forest of Dean.

Then I have my Christmas planning section, which if I am honest is pretty bare!! I haven't really written anything in it! I will need to start soon! As it is nearly Christmas!

Next section is lists:

On the left is my stationery ordering list which is usually just a rough scribble and I swap the paper over to the opposite side after a while.

On the right are films and tv programmes I want to watch

I also have a list of films I watched, when I was recovering from my surgery I watched a lot of films!

I have a list of people who have requested to join a group I admin, as I am very picky about who gets accepted

Then I have my bucket list! It isn't a complete bucket list as it is all more things that I can do, some things are a bit more extravagant

Information section, not very exciting!

I have some cute Address sheets made by Cute Organizing! They are lovely, but I cannot show you them as they have address on, it also comes with a birthday planner!

I did have a password section at the back, which has now been removed due to my 2015 inserts needing to go in!

At the back I have some cards, break down recovery, NI card, CSMA Club card and my Medical Exemption Certificate Card.

In the big pocket at the back I keep important documents I need, like appointment letters and such!

That was a complete tour of my Gillio, a lot has changed since I took these photos!

I hope you have enjoyed it!


  1. Very nice :) My planner is in change all the time.

  2. This month I'm trying to be good at finance tracking too - with low results so far! Why is receipts sorting so damn hard...?

  3. Your Finance section is very inspiring. I think l will start mine for 2015.
    Keep us posted about how you use your lovely Crocidilla! xxx

  4. Your planner is so happy-making! Please keep doing these posts, and maybe even a video?

    1. I am restarting :) I will do some posts on my planner don't worry :)

    2. I am restarting :) I will do some posts on my planner don't worry :)