12 December 2011

Cocktail - Your not alone......

Hello, it has been a while i know, and you all miss me!

But i could not think of one thing to post about today at all!

So I thought i would show you my cocktail, a WOO WOO, and for some reason i put the title as your not alone, I have Olive suck in my head!!!

The cocktail has the following in it (p.s. I do not remember the actual amounts so i just put in double measures of each, made it a bit strong)

2 Measures Peach Schnapps 
2 Measures Vodka 
4 Measures Cranberry Juice 

You put it all in and shake it like a Polaroid picture, obviously in a cocktail shaker........

But this was a bit too strong for me at the time as i had doubled everything except for the Cranberry Juice, Remember i am TEE TOTAL so this was quite an odd occasion for me!

So i decided to just have Peach Schnapps and Orange Juice! Much better, does not taste as bad and you can even down it!

Very random post i know! I shall try to resume my blogging ASAP!

Imy misses you all but its a busy time of year!!!

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