01 October 2012

Should I stay or Should I go?

I bought a beautiful Osterley in City Organiser, but unfortunately, it has a bit of a ring issue!!

I am going to return or exchange it next Monday/Tuesday in the shop as I will be in London. But here is my issue! I kind can't keep all my Filofaxes as it is necessary, and I am kind of going off Filofaxes due to the ring issues, and just genearlly feeling unhappy with Filofax as a whole so I was thinking of trying a Midori Travelers Notebook as a Diary notebook etc, and I had the idea of using a small bulldog clip at back with some pink paper for to-do lists so I can remove them once they are cleared etc, so there would be nothing that would need tearing out as such. Obviously would end up going to A Filofax one day but would like to try that theory out.

So here are the options for you to choose and vote for below:

Option 1 - Exchange Osterley, Sell Amazona and Finchley on blog/eBay

Option 2 - Return Osterley, use either Amazona, Finchley or Regency and maybe sell one?

Option 3- Sell two Filofaxes, Keep Osterley and buy a Midori and try that idea out?

Please vote below and tell me your opinions in the comments! 

Which of the options should I choose?
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Thank you


  1. Hi Imy,
    I know what you mean as I've returned two Maldens as they were faulty - dodgy pen loops on my vintage pink A5 & now ring issues on my purple personal. Have now experienced 5 faulty filos in total & just didn't want to shell out for a brand new one again!

    I won two slimlines on eBay & am happy to risk them as their combined cost is still cheaper than my purple Malden.

  2. Hi Imy,

    I have a Midori and they are surprisingly customisable with different diary layouts and pouches etc. However I always return to my filofax as I like to have sections for lists, finance, addresses etc I also like to remove pages. I also tried the bulldog clip on my Midori which can work well, though I had 3/4 notebooks in there as well and it became too bulky with everything I wanted it to carry. I would return the Osterley, it will always bother you. This is the main reason I will not get an Ostrich one as I am too scared it will have a ring issue.

  3. Hi Imy,
    I have a Midori which you can make work with different diary inserts and pockets etc However I always go back to my filofax as I miss having sections for lists, addresses etc I also like to move things around alot. This is the one reason I won't go for an Ostrich filofax - I am too scared of it having ring issues!

  4. I think if you sell your beloved filos you will really regret it in the future. If you want to try the Midori style concept, but money is an issue, try something like making your own cover and buying notebooks to go inside it, and then use it for a month and decide then. I know how you fall in love with a filo (or another thing) and then find some problem with it later, so you will regret selling your beloved filos if you need to come back to them in the future!

  5. I think you'll have a hard time switching from a Filo to a bound book. We are drawn to the things that work best for us and we tend to go back to them over and over again.

    I went to Franklin Covey once to switch from a 3-ring to a spiral and the salesman talked me out of it. We were discussing ALL the stuff I had in my 3-ring and he knew I'd never be happy with a spiral.

    So I'd vote that you return the one with the ring issues and use one of the others until Filofax gets its act together.

  6. I've been having the same Filofax doubts as you, Imy. I've actually just done a blog post on it. I'm going to try using the Dodo Pad desk diary as my planner (although these Midori notebooks look interesting).

    I don't think you should sell your Filofaxes, though. You might want to come back to them in the future. I'm not going to be selling mine in case the Dodo Pad experiment doesn't work.

  7. return the osterley, sell the finchley, KEEP THE AMAZONA and the regency, buy the midori.

  8. Exchange the Osterley, keep the Regency and sell the rest. And what about Franklin Covey, don't you want to try one?

  9. Hi Imy,

    totally agree with snarling...