02 December 2011

Deco with a BAD History - Filofax!

I shall tell you the story of the Deco, I was sitting there and all of a sudden from the corner of the screen a email came in, 50% off (do not buy from there, Filofax) I got all excited when i saw the Deco and sold 3 Filofaxes to cover the costs!

It was beautiful looking, it said it would be with me shortly. On Monday i got a dispatch email, I was over the moon (Sharon did too, as she ordered something as well, we were both in the same boat). I waited patiently it said it would be here within 2 days so i thought it would be posted first class if anything and would get it on Tuesday......nothing came, so i thought well its not been 2 days yet so i will wait....nothing came......

I phoned the Filofax help line they told me that Royal Mail is a bit behind with post (BULLS***) so we waited another day like they said.....nothing in the post! So we commented grumpily on Filofaxes Facebook page, they told us that there was a "Technical Problem"! As you can imagine we were a bit peed off by now! (I am trying to be very nice here and not say anything too bad).

After being told all this and us being very annoyed my parcel arrived looking kicked about and had a huge hole in the parcel bag! NOT HAPPY!!!!!

Here is the packaging, i didnt upload many photos to show you but you will get the idea!

The hole looks alot smaller but when it arrive the Filofax box was sticking out!

There was like a muddy heel print on the back and lots of dirt on it as if its been kicked around in a game of foot ball!

Oh and it didn't come via Royal Mail it came via City Link, and when it said it had been posted on the Monday, on the City Link parcel it had a postage date of 30 November so on Wednesday! They really need to sort out their systems, this is getting RIDICULOUS! Therefore i pledge now that i will not buy anything off that site AGAIN! No matter if they give it away or what!

So i opended it, and oh my it was BEAUTIFUL, i looked inside, and it HIT ME (not actually like jumped out and hit me) I saw the rings were a bit bent! So first of all 2 Cuban Zips with the same problem now a Deco, which is worth £195 I know it was on half price sale but still WHERE IS THE QUALITY CONTROL!!!! I thought maybe i should send it back, but then i realised, the same problem will happen again, i will just have alot of stress and frustration and then i wont even want the Filofax!

I know that not everyone would think that is bad but the really Filofax geeks out there know that your paper will get stuck on their etc.....

So i asked my dad to fix my broken Cuban Zip as a test to see if he can straighten it up, and he managed it, so with my Deco he covered her in tissue including the rings so she doesn't get damaged and sort of managed to tidy it up a bit!

I know to most people it doesn't look too bad but really not impressed, if it doesn't get better i will send it to be repaired but then you never know how it may come back! I don't want to look at this Deco and have bad memories as its SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am actually in love with it! (Who needs a man haha)

Around midnight last night i decided to move in! (I went to start doing it around 11:00 but i got distracted by Family Guy and Russel Howard [is that what it is _____ good news?] , i've not watched this much TV in a while lol)

It's just really pictures from here on out!

P.s. the Malden won the poll!! But the deco kinda wins over the two!

Poor Malden :-( 

It is very flexible too which i like! ;-)

I hope you enjoyed this there will be more on it at a later date!


  1. I wouldn't have accepted delivery in that condition. I would have insisted that they return it to Filofax and that Filofax replace it.

    Clearly it's been damaged in transit. Sadly not the first one I have seen suffer in that way.

    Filofax need to pack these better do that the rings don't get damaged like that in transit

  2. Steve - Didn't think about that, was just so fed up and glad it actually turned up, thought if i do send it back will never get it back lol

    Its lucky that i have such a clever dad :-D hehe

  3. Oh no!!!! I hope your dad managed to fix the rings and they'll stay put. How frustrating!! I agree, especially for these very expensive Filofaxes, they need to package them better. They know they'll get bashed around in transit, they should protect your investment. And you're probably right, if you'd sent it back they probably wouldn't have stock to replace it. I hope it's okay now!!!!

  4. I'd complain to City Link to as it sounds like they didn't take proper care delivering it. I'm really sad to hear that such a beautiful and expensive item got treated like that :(

  5. I'm sorry to hear it took so long & arrived damaged! I agree with Steve about not accepting delivery, but understand you'd already waited ages. Poor Deco.

  6. Oh Imy, that's awful! Of course Filo should replace it, but I can see how you're fed up and worried that it will just come back mashed and tattered again.


  7. Such a beautiful binder, but I agree with Steve. I would have sent it back and insisted it be replaced and have it sent properly packed. Yes, you would have been without it while Filofax sorted their mess out, but then you'd have a pristine and proper Deco and not have to worry about the rings.

  8. I ordered my Filofax with the same 50% offer on Sat and didn't come til thurs. Lucky mine wasn't damaged. Must have been so annoying after waiting.

    It is beautiful tho.

  9. OMG :( I think I would have sent it back too, even at half price it's a lot of money and when you're treating yourself like that you need it to be PERFECT. :( it is really beautiful though.

    Also I'm laughing at the last bit of your post as I've lost count of how many times I've started doing something and then got distracted by family guy, haha!

  10. I'm amazed it didn't come in a proper box that protected it better. Such a beautiful binder - it should be treated with much better care. I'd have been on the phone to filofax straight away I'm afraid. Even at half price it is very expensive so should he perfect.