19 December 2011

FILOFAX MEET UP BRIZZLE! (Bristol for non Bristolians)


It has been very very long time since I posted! (That made as much sense as i usually do!)

Well we had a mini meet up in Brizzle this weekend and it was PROPER JOB! (More Bristolian, you will expect a lot of this throughout this post)

So i woke up just after 5am! YAY!!!! Nice and early, got ready, got to the train station, and sat down! YAY!!!!

Kate got on the Train at Plymouth! YAY!!! Was very fun and adventurous! We had lots of long discussions on the train about all things from Filofaxes to Dogs and Cats! It was a lovely train journey, was taking too long as we were so excited and we wanted to just get off and meet everyone!

We finally got to Brizzle Station and went to the toilet, there were magical mystical things in this toilet!

Now i bet you were not expecting that! I certainly wasn't therefore i had to document it with a picture!

We then waited inside the station for Tali and her husband to come! EEeeeek! Was very exciting, i feel excited just typing this, the man told us to tell her to follow the blue line, not the yellow brick road, the blue line, so they did and they found us!

We then went outside to meet Nicola in her car (which she told us it was grey so we expected silvery grey, it was blacky grey lol) we got in all excited and headed to something circus? Where we met Emma at the bridge!

We then went inside and tried to book in to NANDOS for lunch but they did not take bookings, i was going to put it under the name "FILOFAX" haha, i was so ready to do that!

So we decided to go in to House of Frazer? Was it that?? I do not quite remember, ANYWAY we went first of all to look at handbags (now this bit is for CP ;-)  )

This will be mine, doesn't it suit me so much!

BEAUTIFUL is the only word i can describe it!

We went into Paperchace concession and i went mad! This is the only thing i took a photo of in there!

Yes i bought them!!!

We then went for a nice little walk in to the center of Brizzle and saw a magical stall with lots of BRISTOLIAN sayings!! Examples included:

Cuz I Iz Werf It
Gert Lush
Gert Slush
I waz born in Brizzle

Here is a t-shirt that Tali wanted!

We were walking past Joules the shop and i saw there was a boy there holding reindeer horns, cardboard ones to give away, so i went up to him and said "can i have some for me and my friend" he said that we have to go in the shop and browse etc... so i struck up a new bargain, just give em to us and we will stand here for a minute! (We only stayed for about 5 seconds, but i smiled at him that was all he needed LOL).

This took us to the Apple Store! YAY!!!!

We all opended up Philofaxy and Imysworld on as many iPads as we could! was Gert Lush!

Arn't i ansum!

Now here is a picture of me with each person individually!

Me and Nicola 

Me and Kate

Me and Emma 

There were 5 of us in total (6 if you include Tali's husband but he only ate with us, were too scary)

We then went for lunch at NANDO's I was a Nando's virgin! I had Chips, very exciting i know!

Here is our Filofax Pile!!!

I also managed to get a sneaky picture of Tali's Husband and the Filofax pile so you can all see he is actually there lol

and yes he had a Filofax with him!!!

We had a lovely lunch we all did :-) It was gert Lush!!

We decided to next go to Harvey Nichols, where there was a nasty gay man with big ears! We do not like him, but there were nice Chanel handbags which we do like!

We left Harvey Nichols after talking to this lovely gay man (he was not nice at all) and went into another shopping area, the cheap part of Bristol!

It was time for Starbucks and we didnt know how to get to it and i saw a ginger man standing there, so i went up to him and asked, he told us how to get to Costa, so i said don't make us go there we want Starbucks! In the end he directed us there, if in doubt ask a ginger man!

Whilst in Starbucks i got some sneaky pictures of Tali and J together, Tali was not too impressed!

We were about to take a group photo, i was sharing a chair with Emma, when she nudged me and i fell over!

I could not get up at all!!!

GROUP PICTURE (except Tali's Husband) 

In order from Left to Right

Emma, Imy, Nicola, Tali and Kate! 


Emma took some photos of the pretty Christmas lights for me!

Then it was home time after a long time spent in staples just chilling and chatting to the worker ;-)

Me and Kate waiting for the train home!

I had a brilliant day with them all!!! Thank you all so much!!! Look forward to another one! 


  1. You are too funny. XD Get thee to America!

  2. My 2012 resolution is to come on a Filofax meet

  3. Holy moly - las chicas locas on the loose!

    Is Brizzle still standing?!

    My wish for 2012 is to see more blog posts from girls in leopard ears and/or antlers, especially you :)

  4. Fabulous!!! Wish I could have been there :o)

  5. Looks like fun! Glad you all had such a good time. =)

  6. Imy when are you restarting blogging? I am having withdrawal symptoms!!!
    I know I tweeted you already saying that I LOVE the pink Bays! It does suit you. I have a hot pink bag on the way but it is NOT a Bays. tee hee.