07 December 2011

Frixion Pen Competition Winners!! YAY!!!!

I had a small competition that ended on 5 December 2011 15 people entered! I could only choose one winner (went a bit wrong) So i chose 2 winners! YAY!

Sorry this is going to be a bit short!!! Will try get back to blogging ASAP!

The two winners are who need to contact me (it was very random as i picked them out an envelope)




Their entries were:

icclewu said...
Hello my lovely. My three ideas for blogposts are as follows:
1. How you intend on decorating your office work space for Christmas (I know you will decorate it) .
2. A blog on what all of your Filofaxes ate doing at the moment. If they aren't being used, then where are they (with pics) and the ones you are using, how you are using them.
3. A post on the day in the life of Imy. Blog every little thing you do. I.e 7am. Woke up. 7.10 made coffee. We see u do a lot during the day via twitter. I think a blog post on it would give us a proper look into what you do in a day.
Love ya.

Dollface said...
1. how filofax is helping you organise finding a NEW MAN
2. comparing your school homework diary (if you still have one) to your filo
3. making art deco style dividers to go in your deco..


I will try and do all 6 of those as blog posts just to entertain you all!!! 

I am having a New Year Competition to win a Sock Money soon :-) x



  1. Ooh yay!!!!!! Thank you!!!! Looking forward to seeing the posts xxxx

  2. what brilliant ideas!! look forward to seeing these posts :)