12 February 2012

Where I have been and What my Filofax has been doing.....

So first I will start with a general update.....

Well ok the truth why I have been quiet......

January is a mentally busy month in an Accountancy Office, so I have been exhausted and working 6 day weeks, just generally knackered, I still feel a bit like I am recovering! I had a few days off the other week, was nice to relax and have some fun for once!

So now why I have been distracted absent from Twitter, and my blog and Youtube....Well, I have met someone, who is lovely, and I really like him, I have just seemed to of had him a lot in my head, and find it very hard to clear my mind!

So I thought I would do a general Filofax update for you, I am not using it for as much as I usually do as my head is a bit blah....I do not know why, I just seem to have a lot on without doing much!!!

So I am using my beautiful Finchley Vintage Rose!

Very pretty isn't she!

So I am using two diary formats, German Cotton Cream week on one page with notes, I really like the paper and the fact it has lines on.... very perfect!

And I am using the month to view just so i can write general things down.....Now you will see what I have been doing with my time!

BUT the main thing I am using my Filofax for is To-Do lists, I need to write everything down my brain is utter mush.... I need a proper break away I believe!!

So there is a mini update! Is there anything you want to see, or hear about....comment below and I will do what ever you want...well nearly.....coming soon a Toast Review!

Miss you all!!


  1. Imy I have missed you. I love your filofax too! And who is this new person in your life?;-)

  2. CP - Will tel you soon.....Will see how things go, just wanted everyone to know why I have been a bit quiet :-D xxx

  3. YAY!! I'm sooo glad your back. Can't wait for my toast review. I think next the review should be a Damien review.....

  4. Is he the cutie from your Cuban video?????

  5. Yay for Imy!!!

    Sounds like you are having a fab time (apart from work - what is it with us accountants, we must be mental?).


  6. Miss_Oakden - Hehe Toast review.... :-)

    Oh right, I will see what he says about that.....maybe i can persuade him....

    Jotje - yes :-) very cute :-)

    LJ - HAHA yes Accountancy isnt a profession i would choose glad im just the secretary typist etc... lol

  7. Yay you're back and yay loving the gorgeous Finchley!! And bigger YAY for being all happy :0) Lx

  8. His name is all over you Filofax :o) Enjoy...those first weeks are the best :o) Oh and where is your Deco?

  9. Yay, Imy! I'm so happy for you. I thought he was the one from the video, and I thought it looked like more than a friendship, though I figured I was just making assumptions. ;) looking forward to your full return!

  10. loulou - hehe :-) thank you :-D I love my finchley!!!

    Katka - haha yes i know..... lol :-P Deco is still here just love my pink finchley :-)

    Kanalt - thank you :-) yeah the guy in the video, but was only letting you know what is going on lol xxx

  11. Imy, I'm so glad you had a second to breathe and post! I miss your posts - You're always so joyful and its catching! when you don't post I worry, silly I know!

    Glad things are looking up! And glad you had some time to post!

  12. Tracy - Awwww Thank you :-D I am getting back in tot he swing of things going to try and do one tonight of all my stickers hehe :-D xxx

  13. That looks so pretty and organised - two of my favourite combos :)

  14. Thanks for the filo update & I'm so glad you have a lovely new man!
    The Finchley is beautiful. Are you still using your Deco too? xx

  15. Anita - My deco is unused at the moment, I dont remember why i changed? But i LOVE The finchley, only one i want now is Temperley ;-) x