03 April 2012

Staples Arc Notebook Diary Creation

I got home last night and I have a little look at my Arc notebook and at the moment I officially Love it! But I do miss my Filofax, so it wont be long before I am back in that, maybe this shall just be a notebook, but then I do not want to carry both around!

Well last night I went for a lovely walk up to the Mound...its like a small hill, its a burial chamber I believe, supposed to have a boat in there too or something?  And on my walk I thought a lot about what I wanted to do with my Arc and how I wanted to do it.


When I got home from the walk I had decided I wanted to have four boxes on the left page, for Monday-Thursday and three larger ones on the right page from Friday to Sunday, as the weekend then has more space!

What I used to do this was some pens, but I had to decide on the colour etc... I wanted to use...

In the end I went for my Neon Gelly pens... I chose Pink and Orange, Pink for the week, Orange for the weekend!

My first go at drawing lines went a bit smudged, but then all my line drawings I did seemed to get smudged I do not know what I was doing wrong!  Maybe too impatient!

My next issue after drawing all the lines was to write in the dates and days etc...


I had a go and it went WRONG I wrote Monday where Tuesday was etc.... so I had to start all over again!

This time I decided to write the numbers in a different colour to the day, I wrote the week days in neon green and weekends in neon yellow, but changed half way though to metallic pink and the neon yellow was barley viable!


Then I made the mistake of getting out my sticker collection.....oh no....


This is only half....

I decided that I should make the pages a bit prettier but I was not feeling creative at all and I feel a bit disappointed with my attempts at making it pretty!


Oh and I have used the post it note sheet as the rule, I am really not too sure how long this will last, as if I am honest, I DO NOT LIKE IT, I don't know what it is but I just do not like it!

Close up of my homemade diary...


I will do another blog post in a few days to show the final set up as my dividers should be coming today and also my little list sheet things....eeek the excitement is overwhelming!!!

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip in to the world of my Arc Notebook Diary Creation!!!


  1. Hate to say this since I just got a new antique pink malden, but I could really see myself doing something like this....