18 April 2012

Pocket V Person - Revisted


Last night me and the lovely Tracy @icclewu were up until 11:45 on FaceTime on our iPhones discussing pocket Filofaxes.

She is craving the Enigma in pocket, but the discount code for City Organiser - 15% off andy15 is not working! I realised last night after we finished on the phone it says discount codes are not accepted on this idem or something?

I had a look and the first thing I saw was a POCKET FINCHLEY! Finchley is my Favorite Filofax at the moment, I have an Personal in Vintage Pink and a A5 in Imperial Purple. This is in Imperial Purple so in theory would be a lovely addition to my collection, AND it is half price! I am really tempted but first of all I thought I would do a blog post and ask what you think.

I did have a lovely Grey Pocket Malden, which I LOVED! I used it over the Christmas period with a 2 days to a page diary, but the colour really depressed me! I have noticed that if a Filofax is not Pink or Purple, I CANNOT USE IT!


During my little choosing between Pocket and Personal I have done a few blog posts.....here they are:

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Last night Steve Tweeted to me and Tracy a link from Philofaxy - Pocket is where it is happening!

And as  you can see in my most recent blog post I do not really write much in my actual "diary" part of my Filofax:



Tracy and I were discussing how it makes us feel a bit down that we have nothing written in and she said that if she had smaller pages there would be less white space so would not feel as bad, and I have to agree that it would work for me too!

It would be less of a weight in my handbag too, and there is just so many bonus features to having a Pocket again. I know I just sold my Pocket Malden, but I did not like the colour.....

So my plan is, ORDER the Finchley Pocket Imperial Purple, see how it goes with that, then if me and the pocket get on sooo well, I buy the Pocket Malden in Purple! As I LOVED the Pockets in the Malden, but I hated the colour.

But I did notice that there was a Vintage Pink Pocket Malden for the same price?? So what shall I do?? 

So what do you think?? ENABLE ME BABY!



  1. Oh Imy we are in a predicament. Pockets are just soo cute!!!! I only moved up to personal last year for the extra space for Christmas planning so it was only meant to be a temporary move. Now I don't have lectures I don't need the extra diary space that a personal gives. My only pocket option I have is the Malden in crimson. I'm not feeling love with it. But like you said it is depressing that my diary is empty :( enable enable enable enable xx

  2. I had the pocket finchley in antique rose and returned it after a week. It was beautiful and cute and easy to carry around. But nothing fit inside! I couldn't tuck anything into it and it was full fast. A personal is so much better for me- easy to write in too. Not sure if this helps! I wish I could have kept the pocket but it was too much money. Good luck!

  3. I'd go pink Malden. I live my black pocket Malden and the full width back pocket. ;) xx

  4. Go with your heart, go Malden. If you lived closer, I'd let you borrow my pocket Finchley to see how you get on. I'm loving 'Miles', my A5 Malden in glorious purple :)

  5. If you like color, go for it. I liked the grey Malden too, but thought I would find the color drab after a while. The purple Malden is just lovely!

    Another option is to do Week on One page with Notes, or 2 Weeks on Two Pages, which is what I'm using now, and there's just enough space for appointments. To dos can go on the opposite page.

    Hope that helps (:

  6. Thank you everyone for your enabling!!!

    I am getting a imperial purple Finchely!

    Using it for 30 days or so as a trial, then if i love it a pocket Purple Malden at Philofaxy meet up!

    So excited cant wait to blog my socks off about it x