19 April 2012

Filofax Personal Deco FOR SALE!!!


I have been thinking about this for a while and I have decided to FINALLY rip off the band aid, and try to sell my Deco in Ebony (dark brown)!

I am selling it as I just do not love it enough, I use it for a week or two but ALWAYS go back to my Vintage Pink Finchley, she has cast a spell on me!

Personal Deco in Ebony

I bought the Deco in the half price sale in November 2011, I bought it for £99. I have probably used it in total for about a month. There is no damage and it is in VERY good condition, it does have a bit of glitter on the suede inside, which actually looks really pretty. It came off a card I had in there! But it will easily brush out if you do not like it! I just want to leave it how it is.

It comes with the FULL SET of inserts it came with when I purchased it in 2011. I have not used it as I just put my inserts in to it! Below are some more pictures and more explanations!



I still have the original tissue paper as well as the Box!

With Flash

Without Flash


Inside, you can see how beautiful it looks with the suede and the brown leather together, it is sooo stunning!


I tried to show the glitter on the inside of it, but it was sooo hard to do so!


The diary included is a week to view cotton cream 2012, it also comes with all original inserts!

If you are interested in buying my lovely deco please email me at Filofaximy@live.com or leave a comment below!

£50.00 ONO

If you have any questions please let me know!


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