19 July 2012

Filofax Kendal Filofax Kendal Filofax Kendal

I just ordered a new Personal Filofax off eBay, I got it at a bargain price!

I am ever so excited, I ordered the Kendal after seeing some beautiful pictures of it on Flickr it pushed me in to temptation...

outer pocket

Joshua_laporte < his photo

Joshua shows the AMAZING pocket in the back, this got me very excited!!!

I also noticed it has elasticated leather pen loops, and two of them!!! GENIUS!!! Exactly what I love in a Filofax!!! Now I can carry a Pink and Blue Frixion ALWAYS!

After ordering, I have recently fallen in love with Paperchase own brand Filofax paper, and it is AMAZING, they did not have the kraft paper which is brown and thicker, but I will buy some when I go to Plymouth next, I also ordered 4 washi tapes from them!!!

That should be here tomorrow, no idea as to when the Kendal will get here, but I am so excited!!! Monday or Tuesday ?I bet! But still ever so excited, will start on my move this weekend, have it all organised then I can move in and stuff it like a Filofax should be stuffed, I love the tiny rings in my Pocket Malden but I miss the larger size, I don't know why!!!




  1. Shud I feel guilty for enabling???? ;) xx

  2. Snap. I just bought a Personal Kendal on eBay, also inspired by Josh's videos. It arrived on Tuesday.

  3. Gosh that photo is terribly out of focus!

    I love the Kendal. Sadly Juan has claimed it for his own. At least it's being used! He filled it with a dodo insert.

  4. Josh did it to me too!!! His Kendal was the reason that I bought a Personal and a Pocket!

  5. What do you class a bargain as there is a personal Kendal on Staples at £39.99 & VAT and I'm tempted

  6. I'm very tempted as well as staples are selling a personal Kendal for £39.99 & VAT - were the ones from EBay cheaper ?

  7. What were the prices of the ones on eBay ?

  8. Ah, the Kendal... love of my life!! If only they'd made thenm in navy blue... but yes it's a gorgeous Filofax, just watch how beauifully it ages, and scratches and marks disappear like magic when you handle it!

  9. Icclewu - You should always feel guilty ;) Joking!!! LOVE YOU!!!! See you in just over a week!!! ;)

    Ray - YAY!!!!!! I am hoping mine to arrive today!!

    Josh - I know but the idea is there so who cares!!! :) Thats good :) You seem to of influenced alot of people with the Kendal ;)

    PensandPaper - It was £20.99 postage £3, but that is still an EXCELLENT deal! Mine was ex-display

    Just have to look on eBay for a cheap one, but I think that Staples deal is good :)

    ChandraNova - OMG Navy Blue would be beautiful!!! OOOO that Is so exciting :D x