18 July 2012

Holiday Essentials Blogger Challenge

A few weeks before I went to America I was invited to take part in the Holiday Essentials Blogger Challenge, and I lept at the chance, but I didn't realise the date to get the pictures in by was when I was away, luckily they let me send them in later! As I was away and I have been busy I never did an announcement post or anything for that matter! But Now I am starting to catch up with all....

The challenge was to do a mood board for 3 different Filofaxes (which you will see below) one in the City, one at the beach and finally one in the countryside. I thought as I live near a beach, and in the country side and work in a town I could take photos in locations! So this is what I did!!!

I will show you my worst ones first then my favorite picture last!

You can see all the other entries on the Filofax Facebook page!


Personal Metropol in Kingfisher Blue - Seaside/Beach Holiday

Unfortunately it was misty and the weather was a bit awful, great birthday weather! 


Personal Domino in Ultra Violet - City Break 

This picture was supposed to have more of a city theme BUT there were lots of people around and I felt a bit silly doing a "Filofax Photoshoot" with a tripod and all in the centre of town in a more idyllic location! SORRY


Personal Swift in Sage - Countryside

Now this is my favorite picture as the location worked perfectly! I went down in to the woods and set it all up to take this photo and the lighting and everything was just PEREFCT!!!! 

In the next few weeks I shall be having one or two competitions to win some of these Filofaxes! I am just trying to come up with a good idea as to how it should all be set up!!! 

So keep checking my blog for the competition!!!!!!

Thank you Filofax for making it possible for me to do this and join in with the challenge it has been so fun coming up with the ideas! 

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  1. These are fabulous, but I am totally in agreement - the Swift one is the best :o)