31 December 2012

First week of January 2013 Set up!

First of all just to let you know, there is going to be a change in my binder for 2013, which is being posted out soon too me from a Twitter friend - Kristin Very excited!!! It is a zipped 30mm ring personal Sized Binder, so it will mean I am getting away from Filofax YAY!!! And it is more practical for use all the time as I can just zip it all up no matter how messy, and as I like to keep all my notes with me 30mm rings will be perfect! I am allowing myself to go back to my Osterley if I change my mind though, but that is the only change due to the fact that it was such a bargain and so beautiful and practical! Will show you when I receive it, just going to straight swap everything!

Here is my first week of using my Filofax.... obviously it is not all filled out but it is more the layout! This is how every week shall look I hope (and i do not want to remove any used Filofax inserts other than to-do lists and note paper).

Set up

I thought the New Year should be signified by a Rainbow as its a new year and they are full of colour! YAY!

Behind my today marker you will see my to-do list, I will have two each week one for personal one for work, i have decided to put them between each week!

Set up

I shall also have one finance sheet for each week between the two as well! totaled up EACH DAY!

That is my rough idea of what I am doing!

What are you doing for 2013 with your Filofaxes??


  1. I have returned by beautiful A5 because I just wasn't sure it would get enough use. If it had gotten too heavy, I would have use left it at home. That seemed potentially wasteful. But... In deciding on a new handbag for 2013 (which will hopefully be purchased at end of January,) I figured I should downsize my Flofax. So, I am waiting for my first lovely Pocket sized to arrive. I hope I like it. It oks quite a bit smaller than the Personal, so I'm a little anxious. If it doesn't work out, I'm not sure what I will do. Besides the ring issues, which actually forced me to return a brand new Filofax of my own, why have you moved away from Fllofax? I'm starting to consider other brands as well, but haven't made any firm decisions yet.

  2. cool idea having a finance sheet in between to track daily....I like it :-)

    BTW, responded to your email...did you receive it?

  3. Looks like a great layout!Ive decided to go a dpp as a WOTP didnt give me enough space for work and personal. Im also going to put an expenses form at the end of each week/month depending on how often I need to hand in for work. xxxx

  4. Hi Imy, I like your simple set up of inserting pages into your weeks. I find too many tabs a bit confusing sometimes. Good luck with the set up & new binder! Happy new year. Amy x

  5. *Rolls eyes* My decisions about my 2013 filofax are going nowhere fast! I think I want to use a personal but don't like either of the 2 I own.... hoping TK Maxx will have some cheap nice ones when I visit later today or tomorrow.... otherwise it's back to the drawing board!

    Happy New Year!

    Em x :)