17 December 2012

Pocket or Personal - the decision continues..

I have read all the comments you have all posted on my last blog post and this is a reply to the whole load of questions instead... I will refer to certain questions etc... so enjoy!

Number 1:

I saw a few people mention my declaration where I said I would use the Osterley Personal for the whole of 2013.

Well I said I will start from 2013 and then in theory I have until 1 January 2013 to make any fine tuning whether that be change to a pocket size Filofax or choose a different diary format! It is not set in stone until 1 January 2013. Therefore if I really wanted I could buy a Pocket Osterley in Plum and use that from 1 January 2013. But as it is not a set in stone event until 31 January 2013 I therefore am able to change my mind.

Number 2:

A few people mentioned I should use two filofaxes have one as a main home binder and have one I take with me.

Well I am unable to do that as I would forget to update the other. BUT I am going to update holiday's overtime etc, (important things) in both in case for any reason I HAD to change)

Number 3:

The idea of the "test drive".

This is what I intend to do, I have ordered a Filofax Cross in Pink (I believe as it is an older model it may be better quality, leather and rings wise)


The Piazzaa fell through due to them not actually having any on sale... bazar!

Number 4: 

I do not actually use much room in my diary, I have been trying to fill up the space with Washi Tape but it looks a bit excessive!


See that is all I write in, then I turn it in to this...


Therefore less room in a Pocket Filofax will make it easier to use as less prettiness needs to be done! :)

Number 5: 

What about your beautiful Osterley?

A lot of people are saying this..... What about peoples spare Filofaxes they have they do not use? I am not the only person in the world guilty of committing this crime! I am still using a Filofax, just my needs require a smaller Filofax!

My beautiful Regency is still unused, but I am ok with it. I am sure I will go back to using the Osterley soon, but for a different reason, maybe somewhere to write recipes... that would be useful!

Number 6: 

Snarling gave me a wonderful tip!!!

Use A6 notebooks or Midori Notebooks, therefore I may use one of those just for lists or something to save on pages!!!


If it doesn't work I have 2 weeks to decide and use the Osterley and sell on the Pocket!

I hope that answered everyone's questions over my decisions towards Pocket!


  1. I have come to the conclusion there isn't the perfect filofax out there. But it sure is fun trying trying to find it.

  2. Why not have one in each size as need dictates? They are all enviable models to own. Most people would be shocked at how many I have - you know how certain fetishes have a way of catching up with you. I really do need to sell them as I don't have room for them all and I don't like to have too many unused things about. But what if....

  3. Hi Imy! I love your blog. I too am a philofaxy/FILO junkie. I am anticipating a new Deco when I get home from work tonight!! And.... I must confess--- I went wild and ordered my FIRST EVER A5 too! I have never used anything but Personal size Filofaxes... I would love any suggestions you may have about how to use the A5/both. I really need to set up a blogspot sometime soon, don't I?! Cheers! Audrea

  4. Hi Imy! I love your blog and videos! I too am mad about philofaxy/Filofaxes. I am anticipating a new Deco in my mailbox after work tonight and went really crazy and ordered my FIRST ever A5 too! Should arrive next week. I would love your thoughts on what to do with it? I've only ever used personal size? I'm excited though!

  5. I agree with the A6 notebooks - I use Oxford Popnotes for miscellaneous notes, Scrabble scores, etc.

  6. I've been leaving my personal Malden (my everything Filo--I'm a one planner gal) at my desk at home lately because it's gotten way too heavy and I am a mother of a 1 year old which means my bag is stuffed enough with toddler essentials. Anyway, I've been considering purchasing a cheapo calendar (like a Martha Stewart one from Staples--CUTE!) to keep in my purse for jotting down stuff. Perhaps you can do something similar? I don't know how you feel about not carrying a Filo with you while out and about but I've made peace with it. :)

  7. All that really matters is that YOU are happy!

  8. I have the same problem. I have both the personal and pocket osterley in plumb and am trying to decide which one to use for 2013. I'll be interested to see what you decide!