11 December 2012

Sorry - Hiatus to continue... sad news...


I have neglected my blog for a few weeks now, not due to the fact I hate writing it or the fact I do not love to do blog posts, all due to the fact that I am working my socks off at work!

It is very busy until end of January!

I am going to resume a bit of normal blogging on 21 December (day after Christmas Party).

I have so many things I wish to share with you all. I miss writing my blog posts daily, I am going to try and do some quick youtube vidoes every so often when I can to show you these things.

I am still in the Osterley Personal in Plum and still using it, probably the To-Do lists the most, my actually diary is a mess, I have not had time to neaten it up.

I really want this Filofax to be used until it is falling apart, and bursting at the seems, I want it to looked loved and used (MY DREAM)

I shall see you all again soon..

Here is two brief videos on the Roterfaden

Here are a few photos of my Filofax recently...


Good old fashion Boggle 


Overtime (now on to the second sheet)


Christmas Filofax

Hope you all have a wonderful build up to Christmas!!!!

Talk to you again on 21 December!!!!!


  1. No worries! We'll miss the posts but we understand! Have a happy Christmas and new year!

  2. Imy,if there's anything I can ever do to help you with anything here--just let me know!

    Great blog!