16 May 2013

Parragon Life Canvas - Partial Review - Part 1

A little while ago a company called Parragon contacted me asking if I would like to see their new range and do a review! I got very excited about this! The products looked amazing, and are amazing!

To see the full range click on THIS LINK and then choose if you are in the UK, USA or AUSTRALIA!!!

I just wanted to share there magical introduction video!! Have a watch:

They sent me a large range with two bits to give away, the competition will be in a week or so once I finish announcing the winners of the National Stationery Week posts, as I do not want to do just one post on these as some of the items I would love to go into more detail, this is sort of an outline post.


It isn't all visable, but there are two Notebook Organiser Sets, a Doodle Diet Diary, Travel Journal and two My Life books.

If you are really in to making lots and lots of lists, these products really are for you!!!


First of all, the Travel Journal, this has lots of sections, I have photographed a few of these and put them below, I will list them too!

When you open it, you can see a little envelope on the left then a notebook on the right, inside (even though I didn't photograph it) are a sheet of stickers, I didn't realise they were there! On the other side is the notebook which is full of places to make lists!

First of all are a few list sections, Things to do before, Things to pack. It then goes on to the journal section which has lovely patterns on each, there are quite a few pages, I didn't count them but below are a few of my favorites!


At the back it has a Favorites section which is to write different places, the sections they give are, restaurants, bars and clubs, cafes, hotels and shopping! There are plenty of places to write addresses and details of each, it really is an amazing idea if you are going on an around the world trip or to a few places on one holiday!


At the very back there is a map to mark where you have been, a map with time zones, currency list and measurements lists.

They have thought so much about this and put loads of effort in to all the details, it really is an amazing product. It costs £8.00 which I think is very reasonable.

Next The two My Life books:


I received two of these one to give away one to keep.

The only way I can think of describing these is.......A LISTERS PARADISE!

They have lots of sections and a place for you to write your own:

  • Notes
  • To-do
  • Ideas
  • Music
  • Books
  • Films
  • Websites 

They retail at £8.00 also which is very good!

The butterfly one looks like this inside:


Throughout both there is different patterns on the majority of the pages, they have repeated some but it is still so amazing to not have the same boring paper over and over, I love their ideas of using pretty patterns, things like this really draw me in to products!

This is Part 1 of the review, I will do Part 2 tomorrow!


  1. I love both My Life books and as you say a listers paradise. Very difficult to say which one is nicer but I think the butterflies has the edge and is really lovely.

  2. These look fabulous!
    I'm off to check out the link - thanks!

  3. Wow! Such a great collection. I love the design... My favourite is the travel ones.


  4. I like how the tabs are arranged on the My Life journal. ^_^