21 January 2013

South Western Philofaxy Meet Up!


I am doing a post today to announce something exciting!!!!

Kate Bernasconi and I have been discussing a meet up in Exeter, Devon for AGES!!! and the AMAZING NEWS IS...

Kate has planned it now!

If you wish to come along please email us

The Meet up will be on Saturday 9 February 2013 at 12:00pm at The Boston Tea Party, on Queen Street in Exeter

For more information on The Boston Tea Party click here

To view the menu CLICK HERE

After we have had lunch and Filofax discussions and show and tell we shall move on to Paperchase and go to some other stationery shops we find.

If you want any information or would like to come, PLEASE email either

  • Me (Imogen) - filofaximy@live.com
  • Kate - bernasconiray at hotmail dot com 

For Kate's email just take out the spaces and change the at to @ and dot to a .

I hope lots of you will come!!!

I am very excited for this!!!

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