11 January 2013

Filofax Collection of the Week - Filofax King - Steve

Today we are very honored to have the one and only, Filofax King, Steve, he is kicking off the Filofax Collection of the week again! Filofax King (or Steve) as you should all know writes for Philofaxy!!!!




In my collection I have the following Filofax organisers...

1 off A4 Classic in black
3 off A5 Maldens 2 Grey 1 Ochre
1 off A5 Finsbury
1 off A5 Zip Holborn Brown
1 off Personal Cuban Zip
2 off Personal Maldens Ochre, Crimson
1 off Personal Compact Zip Malden Ochre
1 off Personal Compact Holborn Black (not shown in the photo)
1 off Winchester Black... my original one from 1986
1 off Personal Finsbury Black
1 off Slimline Finsbury Black
1 off Pocket Malden Black
1 off Pocket Chameleon Black
1 off Pocket Finsbury Ink Blue
1 off Mini Finchley Red
1 off Mini Malden Grey
1 off M2 Cross Blue

And I have got an A5 Pennybridge being sent to me in the New Year by Filofax as a prize for winning one of their Win Wednesdays!!!!

Which Filofax do you regret selling if you have ever sold a Filofax?

I've never sold any of my collection, although I think a couple of them might be given away or sold in the new year.

What is your Favorite Filofax? 

I don't have an overall favourite although I do like the Maldens, especially the ochre ones.


He has a huge collection as you can tell!!!!!

I love the fact he has a whole Malden Family!!!!!

If you would also like to be featured on Filofax Collection of the Week email me at filofaximy@live.com

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