04 January 2013

January 2013 - What to expect....

January is a tough time in an Accountants Office, it gets very busy, therefore I am hoping that on my lunch breaks I can start to schedule in posts, you should of noticed I have had a blog post virtually every day over the past week!

As of next week I will be showing you the following normality..

I will be joining in on Paperlovestory's My Filofax Week...

I will try and post my week worth of inserts every week, not sure which day they may be delayed but it will be done between Sunday and Tuesday.

Filofax Collection of the Week will be back as of Friday 11 January 2013, with a Special ROYAL Guest!

And I have a few lessons for Filofax College, but These will be random posts there will not be a set Filofax College day any more, sorry about this!

If you have any requests let me know and I will post them!

I will get back in to Youtube too soon! YAY!

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