27 March 2013

Washi Tape Haul - Edith&Elizabeth

On Facebook there is a page called Edith&Elizabeth and they sell an AMAZING range of Washi Tape.

I found them when they posted in a Facebook Group I am in and went a bit crazy and ended up ordering 7! I know I could of ordered so much more but I thought 7 should be my maximum!!!

Here it is:




I love them all in such different ways!!!

Some are MT branded tape others are just general washi tape, but I just love them all so much!! I really cannot wait to start putting them in Millie, she will love them!!!


I am returning Millie next week for a replacement, after a day or so the rings have gone a bit closer together as I have tried opening and closing them carefully to put them back together but I know they will part again unfortunately! Therefore I will be getting a replacement!!!

I have just set up an IMYSWORLD Facebook page!

I have ordered from Cult Pens and Artbox the stationery for the prizes, and Cult Pens are giving me a bit extra to give away! Very excited!

I am now a Artbox Affiliate!!! How exciting is that!!!

I am meeting Kate from The Life of The Perpetual Student for shopping at Paperchase on Friday!!! EXCITED


  1. I just went to the Artbox site. How will you get credit for my order?

    1. It will only work if you click on one of the Artbox links in the sidebar then it should go to me.

      I think :) xxx