23 April 2013

Day 2 - National Stationery Week - Cult Pens

Welcome to the second day of National Stationery Week, and competition NUMBER 2 bought to you from one of my most favorite website on the planet! CULT PENS

Click on the National Stationery Week banner on the side in order to see all the National Stationery Week posts so far and anything you have not read yet! To read the instructions for entry into this competition PLEASE CLICK HERE - That is the most important part for entry! It has all you need to know and any questions about entry should be asked there!


I am so excited about this giveaway because I am giving away my favorite pen, (not the one I am using obviously) which I bought and some inserts which were donated by Cult Pens, which was absolutely amazing of them!

Here is the prize


Up for grabs is:

Pilot Coleto Clear Barrel which holds 4 inserts
2 black 0.4mm refill
1 red 0.4mm refill
1 blue 0.4mm  refill
1 green 0.4mm refill
8 OHTO Smile Slide Clips

The reason I decided to pick their website is because of the following simple points:
  • Amazing range, easy to find!
  • Cheap prices
  • Super fast delivery!
  • Always welcome question and answer super fast! 
They really just are one of the most amazing companies I have bought from yet, I don't even know how I came across them, but I have been using them for ages now! It has to be over a year, it has to?! I have made an order with them once a month, if not more since I found their site! I find it so addictive.

The prizes I chose were because I use the Coleto every day and I love it to pieces, it writes amazingly, and it is cheap to run! I chose the smile clips because they make me happy and I want to share a little happiness into your lives too!

I really honestly thing that Cult Pens just has the business idea right as they are so efficient and friendly, I have never had a bad thing to say about them, when I have had an issue with a refill for a pen they replace it instantly or any queries they answer so fast! I don't think I could ever put in to words how amazing their service is, hence why I have decided to feature them in my National Stationery Week giveaway as I HAD to share them with you all, I know I share them with you all the time but I had to share with you more!

Here is a video I made about them recently! Yes I am mad, but you all know that!


The Questions are: (you can find all the answers on the website)

Question 1: What is the monthly newsletter called?

Question 2: Find the Coleto Video on their site, what colour inserts are in the pen?

Bonus: On the Smile Clips page, what colours are clipped onto the grid paper?


Write these answers with the others and then send them all in on the Sunday when I announce the special email address, any queries let me know!


  1. I agree, they are amazing, I was sent a faulty pen and the next day a replacement arrived and a free gift. Amazing customer service.

  2. Imy, you crack me up!! I'm going right over to Google to find out where I can buy a colt pen in the US!

  3. Just placed an order to Canada! Thanks Imy!