27 April 2013

Day 6 - National Stationery Week - Hallmark

Welcome to Day 6 of National Stationery Week!

If you are in the uk you are probably reading Hallmark and thinking... what is that about??

They have started to make STATIONERY!!! ~Really exciting I know!

But they sent me a large selection of stuff to review, I got a huge box full, I will be doing the review NEXT WEEK!

But I wanted to give some of it away!

Here are the prizes:




This is all part of the Tea and Roses collection, which is AMAZING!!! I have so much to show you next week but you will have to wait until then for that!

For now, I would like to ask you some questions:


Question 1: What date was Imysworld first Youtube Video and title?

Question 2: Which video has Imysworld done that has the MOST VIEWS?

Bonus Question: What do I wear on my head a lot in my videos?


  1. This is all so pretty, I can't wait to see more of the range!

  2. Replies
    1. Worldwide :) x read rules also there Are7 questions in total! :) xxx