02 September 2014

Monthly inserts - my favorite

I wanted to share with you my favorite monthly inserts, which ever since I first purchased them at the beginning of this year I have loved them and wanted to use them again next year! 

They are so bright and cheerful! 

They are designed by Sachiko from Cute Organizing, on etsy, she designs the most beautiful things (there will be a few posts about her designs so I can show you the items I use from her)

Here are the front covers from both years: 

Both are quite different, my favorite is 2014 mainly due to being more of a pastel pink person than blue! You may of noticed I love the colour pink!?!? 

Inside the layouts have change a tiny bit, but I think it's for the better as I can record my daily spend on the new ones unlike the old ones which do not have the column, you will see in the picture below 



The colour scheme is quite different, but I still love them! 

I am not sure if she is printing the 2015 ones or if they are just for download and printing (she printed them for me), it is still quite early, so you never know!! 

One of my favorite bits is Christmas, there is a tree this year and next year a snow man!!

That is what I have been using for my monthly diary, and what I will use again next week!! 

I will show you some other aspects of my planner really soon!! 

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