01 September 2014

My week in my Gillio - week 1

I have decided to re start my week in my Filofax (Gillio) which Paperlovestory started a long long long time ago! 

This week wasn't too exciting really!!! Had a bank holiday and just normal stuff!! 

I am using a week to a page but next month trying DIY fish week to view layout! 

Will show you how that looks then 

Saturday wasn't that quite, my boyfriend and I just decided to have a relaxing day so I didn't write anything 

We were bed shopping all weekend 

I feel like a grown up!! 


  1. I love how busy your pages are! The stickers are super cute too :-)

    Hope you've been good :) Heard about your breast reduction, hope they are healing well and that you're loving the result :) xxx

    1. Thank you, it is mainly because the pages are so small ;) hehe good way to hide it!

      Yeah I am good thank you :)

      They are healing really well just have a few stitches that are poking through that are annoying me but otherwise they are all good :)