23 November 2011

Erasable Pen Comparison/Review and Competition

I reviewed the Frixion Pens earlier today, and it got me thinking.....What other erasable pens are there out there?

I searched online and came up with a short list and decided to head off to my local WHSMiths to get some to test out for this, I found two Papermate Replay Max and Uni-Ball Fanthom.

Frixion  - for the review Frixion

The Frixion comes in two sizes 0.5mm and 0.7mm, it also comes in all sorts of colours.

Papermate Replay Max - for the review i will call it Replay

The Paper mate comes in 1.0mm which is too thick for me.....  I am not sure on colours, as my WHSmiths only had Black Blue and Red, the usual colours.

Uni-Ball Fanthom - for the review i will just call it Uni

This i believe is 0.7mm and is quite like the Frixion in some ways.....it comes in lost of colours when i first saw it months ago there was a huge display with lots of colours which is now long gone...

First tests, Grip and what the rubber is like

Frixion - good rubber as its solid and unlikly to break away, the hand grip is perfect its comfortable well thought out.

Replay - The rubber is AWFUL, its the cap of the pen which is too stiff and just doesn't have the same effect, the handgrip is nice but not as nice as Frixion

Uni - Now the Uni is a bit different, completely different, the rubber is FOAM (more about this in a minute) the hand grip isn't very nice, it looks horrible and feels about the same.

Winner = Frixion 1 point

Writing and Rubbing 

Frixion - As expected, rubs out perfectly, leaves no stuff behind and writes like a dream, it feels very pleasurable to use (new favorite pen).

Replay - Ok to write with a bit scratch, ink is VERY faint as well in comparison, the rubber is too hard it has no give it in as its the lid.

Uni - Well the rubber comes apart with use leaves loads of mess and does not even rub out! It just smudges! The writing experience is just as bad!

Winner = Frixion 1 Point

Heat Test

Now this is not really useful just for fun!

Frixion - The Frixion disappears when exposed to heat but does come back a bit when frozen or cooled down!

Replay - Disappears as well!! I am guessing they use the same formula!


Winner = Uni 1 Point (but i would refer to give to Frixion for no reason)


Frixion - 87p for a pack of 3 in Tesco!

Replay - £2.49

Uni - £2.99

Winner = Frixion 1 point!

So the points add up as follows:

First Place - Frixion with 3 Points
Second Place - Uni with 1 Point (should be in 100th Place, it really is that rubbish)
Third Place - Replay with 0 Points

I hope you have enjoyed this review! Now as i am nice i am going to give away a set of the winning pen!

A pack of 3 Frixions! 

All you have to do is give me 3 blog post ideas, it can be anything! Does not have to be a whole paragraphs just litterally 3 short sentences, its simple here is an example: (you cannot use those though)

1. Philofaxy Meet Up Post
2. Frixion Review
3. Erasable Pen Comparison

This competition is open until 5 December 2011 and you can enter no matter where you are from!(Open WORLDWIDE in otherwords)

This is just to say thank you for all being so nice, and to see what people want me to write about!

Please just leave the entry as a comment below, please also leave a contact email address, or Twitter or something so i can let you know if you win!



  1. 1. Something about the whole pink thing - maybe the top 10 things that aren't available in pink but should be (off the top of my head: TV remotes, banknotes, iPhones, sausages, Maltesers)

    2. What public figures or celebrities should be using filos and why? What special pages would you design for them?

    3. A review of pencils in filos - wood vs automatic, 2H vs HB vs 2B - and erasers: are the ones on the endof the pencil (often pink!) as good as a dedicated, standalone rubber?


  2. I was excited to see your pen review. I didn't even know about the Fanthom until a couple of weeks ago when I was reading some other blog. I scurried over to JetPens and was poised to order when I decided to read a few more reviews. They basically said the same thing - the eraser was crap, the design a bit odd. I do love my FriXion and so I looked around on JetPens and found a slightly different (less juvenile looking) barrel design, so I ordered a couple of 0.4 mm pens in that design simply to get the pen itself, and then I ordered my usual 0.7 mm refills. The pens will fit in my Filo pen loops because they are slimmer.

  3. Terriknits - Thank you :-) I found a really nice one on Cult Pens that is a slim metal barrel for the Frixion and its the same make and everything OH SO EXCITED!!!! xxx

  4. 1. How many pages can you get on different size filofax rings

    2. Different uses for your filofaxes, what sections do you have in them?

    3. Homemade filofax pages

    You know how much i love filofax.

    You know my email by now i expect.xx

  5. I rushed to look at Jet Pens and searched for FriXion Slim and had no results. :-( But then later I looked and found out it's called the FriXion "Biz" in the US, instead of Slim. So I will have to add one to my next order from JetPens. It looks awesome! I love stainless/metal look. Everything in my kitchen is stainless. Even the dog dishes! LOL!

  6. Hi! I just want to say that i love the frixion ball pens. I have 10 in 10 differenz colours and I love them.

    Greatings from Germany

  7. 1. famous filofaxes, similar to your filofax spottings but just famous people who carry/own one

    2. review and comparison of "budget filofaxes"

    3. unique insert ideas

    email: wesenberc23@hotmail.com

  8. 1. famous filfaxes - similar to your filofax spottings on tv but just anyone famous who owns/was seen with a filo

    2. review/comparison of "budget filofaxes"

    3. unique insert ideas (DIY or pre made)

    contact info: wesenberc23@hotmail.com

  9. First of all...great blog :o)

    1. How do you use Filofax at your job
    2. Possible ways of Filofax pages storage.
    3. I realized you change your filo a lot. How do you solve the transfer of all appointments? Do you rewrite everything?
    4. this one probably won`t count, but when we`ll see your last Filofax haul? :o)


  10. Hello my lovely. My three ideas for blogposts are as follows:
    1. How you intend on decorating your office work space for Christmas (I know you will decorate it) .
    2. A blog on what all of your Filofaxes ate doing at the moment. If they aren't being used, then where are they (with pics) and the ones you are using, how you are using them.
    3. A post on the day in the life of Imy. Blog every little thing you do. I.e 7am. Woke up. 7.10 made coffee. We see u do a lot during the day via twitter. I think a blog post on it would give us a proper look into what you do in a day.
    Love ya.

  11. Loved your review! I have FriXions in FUN colors like brown, lime, and several shades of blue in addition to the standard colors (red, blue, black, purple, orange, pick). JetPens has retractable pens--those rock!

    Anyhoo, a few post ideas:

    1. Why Filofax are better than an iPhone

    2. How your sewing hobby is coming along

    3. 10 Reasons the Apex is a horrible prize for those that entered a Filofax writing competition ;)

    Mine came yesterday--it's blue and yellow, and I am giving it to my dd#2. She loves the color blue...



  12. Love the above review. Now my pen heaven would be a multi-pen which has a professional exterior (not like the Bic multi-pens) where I could choose which colour Frixions to fill with. Oh and that fitted (obviously) my Filofax pen loop.

  13. Thanks for the review. I've never considered using an erasable pen, but can definitely see the benefits.
    1. What filofax you would give as a present to Kylie Minogue.
    2. A stroke-ability video review of the filofaxes you own.
    3. How filofaxes can bring about world peace.
    Some random ones there for you :)

  14. 1. how filofax is helping you organise finding a NEW MAN
    2. comparing your school homework diary (if you still have one) to your filo
    3. making art deco style dividers to go in your deco..


  15. 1. How can someone without a job (such as myself!!) use a Filofax? Because I'd really like to justify buying fun things for it but it's hard when I'm like... well... what do I really need it for?

    2. Which pens write the best on Filofax paper?

    3. Do you clean or care for the leather on your Filofax/Filofaxes?

    Thank you for the chance to win! I enjoy your blog and your YouTube channel!