16 June 2015

My first memory of a Filofax

I have quite a lot of memories of Filofaxes when I was younger, playing with them drawing in them, but my longest memory and oldest memory is about a certain Filofax my mum bought home, it looked like a Bond, but I do not really remember the brand or name.

I think I was about 7 or 8 I think, I had lined all my little toys up and sat them down, and was pretending to call a register. The Filofax had those Time Management inserts in the ones that fold out, as I remember it made a perfect register, as I could do crosses and lines, to mark absences etc (as I am writing this I feel like I was a bit mental, I hope I am not the only person to ever play teachers with my toys).

I would do it a few times as I really enjoyed writing things in the Filofax, but I had no need as I was too young to need to write anything, so I just stuck to using it as a register.

Every time I wanted to play with my toys I would do a register just to make sure they were all present and correct. It is best to keep track of your toys this way I believe then at least you have a record? I really didn't think of it like that, I just found it fun.

I imagined this story was a lot longer than it was!

What was your first memory of a Filofax?


  1. I am a 80's girl so I remember those yuppies. I so wanted a Filofax to be grown up and write important things in my Filofax. But I did not have important things to write or the money to buy a Filofax. I now have a Filofax, having read all the post on philofaxy, a Filofax can be whatever you need in your life.

  2. At 7 or 8 you used a filofax to list and organise your toys. I'm impressed!

    My first memory was mid 1980s when I saw a tan leather notebook with clasp being opened and wow it was a little ring binder with pockets. I badgered my fellow college student until he bemusedly told me the name Filofax.

    1. Not to fully organise and list my toys, but I guess close enough

      I have always loved diaries and paper hehe