22 June 2015

Imy Webfinds #1

I thought I would do a little kind of webfinds post like they have on Philofaxy but things I have liked, could be youtube videos, blog posts etc... Enjoy

I love this video by Rachel Dunaway I have to be honest and do not know her and have never seen her video's I do not think but this video is so nice, I really enjoyed it, her binder is quite beautiful and it was only  Part 1, I best get watching Part 2 at some point! I keep seeing little screen shots of other videos on her channel, I am going to subscribe and watch more!

Hope you all enjoy her video

At the moment I LOVE this Buzzfeed posts about people spending a week living off a certain chain of food, here are the three I have found so far!

Nandos for a week

Greggs for a week

Wetherspoons for a week

Buzzfeed is a great website, I only really started loving it in the past few months maybe six at the most, now I am so addicted!!

There are quire often cute stories on there!

I love those posts above because I love the notes they make, I like to see inside their notebooks and I just find them quite entertaining the process people seem to go through!

I think Gala Darling was one of the people who really kick started people getting obsessed with Filofaxes and having them as a fashion thing, but her posts are so pretty!

A beginners Guide to Filofax

A Filofax Love Affair

One of my favorite blogs is Paperlovestory! She just has such a beautiful blog, I once met her, and I just didn't know what to say, it was like meeting a celeb! She is amazing and sweet and beautiful!

I really also LOVE Janet's blog, this bugs life!

I am loving seeing her use of her Van Der Spek undyed leather it just beautiful!!! It has been magical seeing it grow!

The Crazy Life of J is a beautiful blog by a lovely lady, I have to be honest and say I have followed it for a long long long time but only recently started to look on it properly, she has such lovely posts!

I think that is enough for today, I could probably add loads and load more. I might do another one one day soon!

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