13 January 2011

What to expect in February 2011

What to expect in February 2011 on Youtube and my Blog

The New Years Resolutions Month

Ok I'm starting my resolutions a month late as I have had a stressful January and wanted to start after the stress has gone! So now a new start! Good Luck Imy!!

It will be updated throughout the month if I'm not going to be able to do something or if I want to move it to the next month.

So the things that I will be doing are: -

App of the Week for iPad/iPhone

Make up Tutorials

I don’t understand Periods – Part the AIS Series

1 February – The Start of the Diet – Swimming

How my New Years Resolutions are Going

Life in HD?

There will obviously be lots of different things in-between, all sorts in fact.

If you have any requests please let me know.

At some point I need to do this Barbie Video too, but I don’t think February will be the correct time! 

Much Love <3

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