20 January 2011

Diet Planning


Diet happenings are coming

Well so i wanted to tell you what im going to be doing, I am starting the "Imysworld Diet", yes there is such a thing!

I have created dieting sheets to fill out, i have been planning meals, thinking about what i can and cant eat, im going to set out some rules in a minute.

I will tell you more on February 1st when my diet commences!

I am 13 stone 3 pounds :'( and i want to get down to 11 stone 3 pounds (well thats my first weight i want to get to, im going to do it over stages)

So Look out for my diet diary! :) Xxxx

Much Love :) xxxx


  1. I started in December at 172 lbs. Saturday I weighed 157 lbs!! Can you post some of the meals you planned? I'm out of ideas and I'm starting to lose my motivation. I'm hoping some new ideas will help me get started again.

  2. Thanks for the comment :) Counting calories is what really helped me. I aimed for 1200 on a really good day, and if I went over, I tried to stay under 2000 so I didn't gain anything! I rarely have time to workout. I am pretty picky too, so I ate a lot of salad and popcorn! Good luck!

  3. IMY,

    Drinking a lot of water (and tea and coffee with no sugar or cream) helped me because often I realized that I wasn't hungry, I was just bored. Filling up my stomach with water helped me not to think about eating for awhile. Club soda also doesn't have calories. I often put a lemon or cucumber slice in my water, too, for flavor.

    I also tried to eat off smaller plates because I didn't always need to eat SO much to get rid of the hungry feeling. Half a steak, half a salmon fillet, skipping bread at dinner - they all helped.

    One thing that sounds really weird, but I think honestly works, is this: When you're hungry, brush your teeth. The fresh mint taste made me not hungry.

    AND, if all else fails, and you overeat, go for a run or walk to burn off those extra calories. I know it's miserable when it's snowy and raining and you can't really go outside. I found some exercise videos on YouTube and tried to do that when I was stuck inside in terrible weather.

    BEST OF LUCK :o)