06 January 2011


It's a new day today, but my mind is filled with ideas, barbies, nail varnish, ipads, the list just goes on and on, but this bloody rain just ruins all production.

So far last night i created three videos, which need editing and uploading, researching and just general sorting out, but then i have another six ready to be edited as well from a while ago, mainly all iPad related seen as i have now started to LOVE my iPad after owning her for 4 months, i can now only just say i understand why people buy her!!!!

Today i am wearing Superdry cardi, topshop top, M&S Skirt, Celtic Uggs, and some BEAUTIFUL Miss Dior Cheire the green one, which im not too sure which that one is.

To cheer me up this morning i had a STARBUCKS, thats obviouisly not it but i didnt take a photo, i have a lovely, medium HAZLENUT SIGNATURE HOT CHOCOLATE, with CREAM!

Oh it makes me feel better, now i feel ready to start the day, even tho im half asleep.

OOO I saw Wall-E last night, OMG isn't it cute, eva's little voice and Wall-E but OMG, the end was so sad, i loved the OCD robot cleaning everything in sight!

Tonight im watching about Hiphop Hunnies, Dancing Girls, what ever you want to call them on that BBC program about people not wearing enough in music videos, they don't get paid, i think the joke is on them to be honest!

Any my nails have got worse, out comes Sally Hansen, HARD AS NAILS!!!!!!! PLEASE SAVE ME SALLY!!!!!

Anyway after a nice long rant im going!!!

Much Love <3

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