05 January 2011

Coming Soon to Imysworld


What to expect during January on my Youtube Channel and blog, there not in any specific order.
  • Benefit Confessions of a Concealerholic Review
  • Canon Legira 306 FS Review
  • Blue Lagoon Make up Tutorial- Might be done in February as i have already done one tutorial and doing another tongight
  • Life in HD - Might have to wait until February or March, May be a London Vid
  • Periods – I don’t understand them - Doing in February, done other AIS vids

  • Miss Dior Cherie Set Review and my Favourite - Doing in February

  • Ipad/Iphone App of the month   

The above are the Ipad/Iphone app of the week, no longer once a month now once a week

I have LOTS TO DO!!!!

Much Love! <3

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