18 April 2011

Filofax Questions.............

Well i have been thinking about getting ANOTHER Filofax, yes i have enough already but i dont feel as if i have found one yet i love, and want to use until the day i die and never put down.

Thats how i believe i should feel about my Filofax.

So this is what im going to do, im going to get a Malden in Vintage Rose, it looks beautiful online and i love pink so, im going to go for the A5 as i dont feel a personal fulfils my needs.

I am hoping to have the landscape colums for the diary so i may have to get the Acadamic diary rather than a colum one this i dont like the layout, then use something different until July when the acadamic year starts, when i will be starting a course then anyway so i will be using it for that too.....ooo the excitement of starting this course! :-)

But yeah i need to find some nice inserts to use, as im going to use my filofax as my folder for my work on the course too, for a while i was thinking about the A4! Then i stepped back and thought oh no thats far too big!

I was planning on using it for the course like anything i need to write down like notes on the pad at the back and then use it to plan when things need to be done for (its a home course and you post the work off once done).

So yeah im totally excited and i feel i need a new filofax as im starting a new part of my life going out and actually doing things rather than just saying oh yeah i will do that if you get me. I go out meet new people now which i never really did before!

So Have a good weekend and week, if you can give me any help let me know, nice short week this week so expect plenty of blogging and plenty of vlogging.

Oh and if anyone ever wondered why the 30 days of lists stopped, i just ran out of time and was too busy to cointinue it so i had to stop i just couldnt get started again, so im thinking i will re start it soon.

Thanks for reading :-)

Much Love <3 xxxx


  1. Hi Imy,

    I would love to get an A5 rose Malden too! But the people on philofaxy say the colour looks different in person, kind of pepto bismol-y, so if you can it would be a good idea to get a look at it in person before you spend £100 on it! I know it's not even available online yet so maybe you have time before it comes out.
    Also, I would say it's a good idea to use the A5 filo as the one to put your course notes in, but believe me, by the end of the first term you will probably have 2 or 3 A4 folders worth of notes already! It's a good idea to store maybe the whole of 1 subject's notes, or a few pages of notes from each subject, or some revision notes, but definitely if you are going to carry it around, even around the house, it will get really heavy! I'm using my A5 (Domino unfortunately, but would like a Finchley or Malden...) to carry around my research plans rather than my notes themselves, cos then I would need 4 or 5 A5 filos!!

    Kate B

  2. Now see? I like the color of Pepto Bismol, cuz pink just rocks. I'm with ya sister! I really like my Cuban, but I still want another one. Still thinking the Amazona in Almond. Pens & Leather has 7 left...so if I can come up with $107 in the next couple of weeks, I'll buy it for meself for me birthday! WOO HOO. :) Love the blog!!!!!! Happy you're doing it!

  3. Imy Imy Imy!! It's on the website noowww available to buy!!!
    (I'm mildly excited!!!)